Tuesday, September 13

LOTOJA- 206 miles

This is my 4th post for the day people, just fyi :)

I have mentioned before that Lance and his dad and their friend Sam have been training for a 206 mile bike ride that went from Logan to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 206 miles sounds like a lot, but let me tell you, it is so much more than it sounds. This race is crazy! I didn't really understand it until we were there, watching them climb ridiculous hills, watching people dropping out all over the place and really understanding that it takes all day long to complete! And even though Lance didn't train nearly as hard as he would have liked, he killed it, coming in 11th place in his category. I am so proud of him!

 Lance and his dad the morning of the race.

There were 4 feed zones where family was allowed to meet their riders to replenish food and water.
You can't tell from the picture but they were crazy. Your rider comes in, you scramble to exchange
everything and then they are off! Then you jump in the car to meet them at the next stop. It's really exciting.

 Loading up his pockets with food :)

 The support Crew! We took the RV and had a blast following our riders from stop to stop.

Lance crossing the finish in 11 hours 17 minutes! 

 Scott crossing the finish line!

Team Walker

My uncle Alan was also in the race for the second year. He finished in about 10 1/2 hours!

 It was great to spend some time with Aunt Kate and Uncle Alan.

It was extremely emotional when he finished. He was able to accomplish something that was extremely difficult that he has worked very hard towards.

So proud of him!


Merrells said...

What a great accomplishment and fun to see Kate too! Wish we could've come along!

K8yerM8 said...

I think Lance did awesome! It was so fun to have you guys along. Thank you for taking photos at the first feed zone. I couldn't have done both and it is nice to have those photos. I think this will become a September tradition! :) We missed seeing you Melissa!

David & Brittany said...

Amazing!! Give Lance a huge high five from us! So cute to see the whole family involved. What a neat accomplishment! Way to go Lance!