Friday, October 30

{birthday wishes}

A very Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother! We celebrated her birthday last night
with dinner (thanks Missa for the soup!) and better-than-sex cake (yum!). We had such
a wonderful time together, as we always do. Birthdays are some of my favorite times
with the family. We could stick around for hours afterward just telling stories, laughing,
and enjoying each other's company. We even got quite the show from Lance who was busy
entertaining Kenna. Lets just say there were some raptor impersonations, a lot of running
around, and tons of laughter from the rest of us :)

I love my mom! She and I have always been the closest of friends. I am so thankful to have
that friendship with her. I don't know how she does it all. She keeps up with work, home,
service, church callings, and even time spent at the school. She has never-ending love to give
and is always willing to help anyone out with anything.

Some of my favorite things about my mom:
  • She is an amazing quilter!
  • She is a very good nurse.
  • She is a fantastic student
  • She loves self-help books
  • She drives with her seat tilted forward
  • She always burns grilled cheese sandwiches
  • She constantly leaves little love notes
  • She makes the best homemade bread around
  • She does all her own canning
  • She hates scary movies
  • She likes Fergie
  • She LOVES having her hair played with
We love you mom! Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, October 28


Check out my photoshoot today with these adorable kids here.

Tuesday, October 20


I have mixed feelings about blogging. I absolutely love to see what is going on in everyone's
lives! It's so nice to know what's going on {and see pictures!} with my extended family who live
all across the US- and even my good friends that live close by. Life gets crazy and its fabulous
to keep up in such a convenient way. I also love seeing a different side of things in writing you
wouldn't see otherwise- maybe a funny story or confession. It's also a nice outlet; a time to
express yourself.

On the same note, I feel as if blogging has become the newest facade; the perfect way to show
the perfect you. Sparkling home, the newest craft project, a way to brag about your perfect
children and husband, vacations, new items, etc. Not to mention the way too personal items
that are occasionally shared.
I know I post about all of these things too, but I'm hesitant every time for this
very reason. I tend to get really excited about new things and I know that
can sometimes come off as bragging- please know that is never my intent.

Does anyone else feel the same way?

Tuesday, October 6


To see some fun shots from yesterday, click here.

Thursday, October 1

{free photoshoot}

To see some of my latest photos with Courtney & her cute family,
AND to read about my free photoshoot giveaway, click here.