Tuesday, September 27

New kid on the block

About 3 months ago I started watching Colton 3 days a week. His parents are in our ward and with full-time school for dad and full-time work for mom, Colton needed a place to hang out. This sweet little boy has stolen my heart. It's incredible to see the difference in personality between he and Crew. Sometimes I don't think these boys could be any more different! It's been quite challenging at times- mostly trying to get Crew to share and be soft with Colton. Let's just say that all involved are learning and growing. :)

 Usually they are taking toys from each other but I treasure the rare moments when they are 
actually partners in crime. 

 The other day I gave Crew an Oreo. I had a good laugh when a few minutes later I found it smashed 
all over his face. After getting him all cleaned up, I turned around to find this face on Colton.

 Apparently someone had shared his Oreo!

We have loved having Colton in our home and overall, it's been a wonderful learning experience. 
Maybe I'm being prepared for twins?

Wednesday, September 21

Master Bedroom Tour

Before I show you the room, I would like to share a couple of thoughts on decorating...

It has taken me awhile to really "come into my own" with decorating. There are so many ideas out
there about what's in style and what's not. I think sometimes it is too easy to have a home that doesn't
reflect who you really are. Some restraints could be time, money, or a lack of desire or knowledge. 
Maybe some of you feel like decorating is silly and something you don't have time to bother with. 
If you fall into any of these categories, let me help encourage you to try again! I'm not saying I'm
a fantastic decorator, just that I've finally gotten the courage to do what I love even if it means
going against the grain. 

There are also benefits to decorating other than just looking nice. The arrangement of a room and the 
wall hangings can make a room feel larger. I feel strongly about creating a safe, warm and clean 
environment for my husband and family where the spirit is always welcome. I want all who come into
 our home to feel comfortable and uplifted. So, if you feel like you have hit a dead end with decorating,
 try again! There are so many resources available even for the smallest budget. 

One of my New Year's resolution this year was to "finish" our master bedroom. And I am
happy to report that I have done just that! I'm sure I will continue to tweak and add things but
for now it feels great to check that off my list of things to do.

Do you remember my post about the homemade Anthro-inspired bedspread? I was in love
with it and perfectly fine to have the knock-off version but as fate would have it, I stumbled
across the real thing for $59 on Anthro's website. It seemed too good to be true and after trying
to check out, I found it was. Some tech guy had goofed on the price but Anthro said they would
honor it anyways. They even threw in free 2 day shipping! I sold the old one on KSL for $100. 

This is probably my favorite touch to the whole room, hanging right by my side of the bed. It will
soon be available as a freebie on the Whimsy Place blog.

Found this curvy stand at Ross for $12.99. Perfect for all my jewelry!

This is a jewelry box my mom had as a little girl and I added the Anthropologie knob.

Probably my favorite project of the entire room. I bought this set of night stands on KSL for $75, 
painted them white and added clearance knobs from Hobby Lobby.

The set of 4 square mirrors are $4.99 at IKEA.

This is another favorite find. I scored this frame for $3 at a yard sale and painted foam core
from Hobby Lobby with blackboard paint.

Crew loves the fluffy white comforter and is always wanting up on the bed
to roll around and rough house with mommy and daddy.

The last touch is an Australian sheepskin I found on KSL that will be picked
up on Wednesday. Can't wait to have a soft rug on my side of the bed!

We love our bedroom and I'm so glad to have it finished!

Tuesday, September 13

LOTOJA- 206 miles

This is my 4th post for the day people, just fyi :)

I have mentioned before that Lance and his dad and their friend Sam have been training for a 206 mile bike ride that went from Logan to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 206 miles sounds like a lot, but let me tell you, it is so much more than it sounds. This race is crazy! I didn't really understand it until we were there, watching them climb ridiculous hills, watching people dropping out all over the place and really understanding that it takes all day long to complete! And even though Lance didn't train nearly as hard as he would have liked, he killed it, coming in 11th place in his category. I am so proud of him!

 Lance and his dad the morning of the race.

There were 4 feed zones where family was allowed to meet their riders to replenish food and water.
You can't tell from the picture but they were crazy. Your rider comes in, you scramble to exchange
everything and then they are off! Then you jump in the car to meet them at the next stop. It's really exciting.

 Loading up his pockets with food :)

 The support Crew! We took the RV and had a blast following our riders from stop to stop.

Lance crossing the finish in 11 hours 17 minutes! 

 Scott crossing the finish line!

Team Walker

My uncle Alan was also in the race for the second year. He finished in about 10 1/2 hours!

 It was great to spend some time with Aunt Kate and Uncle Alan.

It was extremely emotional when he finished. He was able to accomplish something that was extremely difficult that he has worked very hard towards.

So proud of him!


A few months back, I was trying to plan a trip for Labor Day weekend. Lance told me I couldn't because he already had something planned for us that weekend. BUT, he said, it was a surprise and I was not going to find out where we were going until the day of. The night before, I was told we were going to Phoenix. Lance's sister Kirstin lives there so I just assumed we would be spending the entire 5 days with her. Little did I know, Lance and Jason had planned for Emy and I to run into each other at the Phoenix airport!!

 Emy and I met 2 years ago in a Provo Student Ward. We like to joke that we were going to be friends 
with she and Jason whether we liked it or not! They half stalked us for a few days (not really but it's a 
funny joke). Emy and I just clicked from the get-go and have been fast friends ever since! 

I love this girl!!

Ever since she and Jason and their 2 cute kiddos moved to California, we haven't gotten to see each
 other much. We have stayed in close contact, though and are currently working on the Whimsy Place
blog together. But after more than a year without seeing each other, we were long overdue for some
girl time! I cannot believe how wonderful our husbands were to plan this 5 day trip to Phoenix together.

We went to a carnival type place with Kirstin and all the kids:

We went boating at sunset:

 It was breathtakingly beautiful!


 The whole group: Emy's parents are just the best!

We celebrated Story's 1st birthday:

I fell in love with this adorable little birthday girl!

 We had a romantic getaway:
 The husbands planned the entire 5 days complete with a night out on the town; dinner,
shopping, dancing and a night at a hotel with no kids!

We spent lots of time at splash parks:

 Little Bosty boy has grown up so much!

We played games with Kirstin and Bruce, and then we headed home:

Yes, that is Crew asleep in his car seat in the middle of the airport. Love that bug :)

It was such a wonderful trip! My sweet husband has brownie points enough for the next year...