Wednesday, December 30

{a quick update}

We had a wonderful Christmas season spending time with our families and loved ones! I have especially enjoyed all the snow -from inside looking out of course :) Lance and I have both felt so blessed to have so many wonderful blessings. We missed having Kirstin, Bruce and little Savanah as well as Madsen here this year but we cant wait for next year when there will be two new additions to the family and Madsen (Lance's brother) will be off his mission.

Lance has surprised me once again this year with his amazing ability to choose and give fabulous Christmas gifts! He is so thoughtful and sweet in his gift giving. The one gift I absolutely cant wait to use is a spa package! Oh! He spoils me so. We both received so many wonderful gifts from our families. And we especially enjoyed spending time with those we love throughout the break. With our little one on the way, we both see the world a little differently :)

It has sure been a bumpy road with this pregnancy but I am happy to report that I am starting to feel much better! It's funny to say because I feel like my "much better" is probably "feeling sick" to others. But compared to where I have been, I am more than happy to take nausea and 1-2 throw-ups a day. There were almost 6 weeks straight where I literally could barley make it out of bed in the day. We had a doctors appointment today and I've gained 1.5 pounds since our last visit. Encouraging? You bet!

I felt the baby for the first time this last week- what an experience! Then today, while lying in the bathtub, I could feel the baby again and again. Lance was even able to feel it on the outside of my stomach. I've heard this is pretty early but I think with all the weight I've lost, that baby is right up by the surface and there is no extra room inside. We were both on cloud nine about it :) We find out next month what we are having.

In the meantime, we are off to Cancun this weekend with my family. We cant wait for the warm beaches, snorkeling, and just plain kickin back. I will be sure to update all we've been up to in the last moth when we return. Till then, Bon Voyage!

Monday, December 14


I didn't want to put a damper on my earlier post, but the only thing the stork
has actually brought me so far is sickness. Really really bad morning sickness
that, (surprise!) is not morning sickness at all.

It came all too fast right around 6 weeks and has been my constant companion
for the last 2 months. I lost 15 pounds, weighing in at a disgustingly skeletal-like 90
pounds. We unfortunately spent Thanksgiving in the ER getting fluids pumped into me
(who knew Saline could be so wonderful?).

It's been a bumpy road. My sweet husband has cooked, cleaned, done
laundry, gone shopping, and at times spoon fed and dressed me when I was too weak.
He's tirelessly rubbed my knot of a back, my feet, and played with my hair; anything
to ease the tireless nausea and tummy ache. It's like having a really bad flu for 2 months.
Other close friends and family have also pitched in cleaning, running errands, and bringing
us meals. My good friend Emylee even strung our Christmas tree with lights because
I was so excited about it but was too weak to do it myself.

I am a weeping mess right now as I write this because I am so aware of the many
angels in my life who have come to my aid in my time of need. And I couldn't
be more thankful for them. It is true that the Lord is aware of us, our every need,
and He will provide for us always. The only true peace on this earth can be found
in His loving arms. I know this now more than I ever have.

I am pleased to say that at my 12 week check-up, we heard the strong and very healthy
heart beat of our baby :) And 2 nights later, I slept ALL the way through the
night. Things have gradually been getting better since then. I'm to the point now
where I can walk into the kitchen without throwing up. I can get dressed without losing
my breath. And I've gained back 5 pounds.
We are crossing our fingers it just gets better from here :)

I know I should just be focusing on the fact that I'm feeling better with
this little one, but all I can think about are the 6 other kids Lance wants!
He assures me we can just take them one-by-one. :)

Wednesday, December 9


13 stands for a lot of things. The unlucky floor, how many cats I had growing up, how many weeks before Lance and I said "I love you", and now, 13 stands for how old this sweet little baby is inside of me...

We are SO excited...

...and a little nervous...
To announce our new little one who is on the way and should make its debut on June 17th.

So...the question you are all wondering! Was it planned? And the answer is, yes & no :)
Mostly, the planning consisted of a 5 second conversation one morning:
Me: Let's have a baby!
Lance: Ok...
2 weeks later: positive pregnancy test.
9 months later: baby.

Needless to say, we were a little shocked (we took the pictures above just after we
found out). But we couldn't be happier to anticipate this baby's arrival. While
we both feel like we have a lot to do in preparation to be parents, we both
feel like the timing is perfect and cannot wait to welcome our little one into this world.

{happy one year to my baby!}

Our wedding day was everything I had dreamed of! At the end of the day, I remember
feeling like I just wouldn't change a single thing! The one thing, though, that I failed to do
and was so sad was a wedding video. I know, i know. So silly of me but I figured we would
have our family members tape everything and I would use my new editing skills to
make our own! But it got completely lost in the shuffle. SO, Lance and I went out at
the end of October this year and had our wedding video made.

Sounds funny right? I got in my dress, Lance in his suit, I made a bouquet and we went to
the temple grounds for a few hours of loving each other :) We got the video back soon after and
I am absolutely IN LOVE with it! It was so worth it going back out. Melissa came
along and got some more shots of us in front of the temple and I love them.
I was absolutely freezing on our wedding day so it was nice to get some pictures in
the warm and sunny weather. Thank you again Melissa, I love them :)

Its hard to believe it has been an entire year since I married my sweetheart for time and all
eternity. It has been such a fun and adventurous year! We have been lucky enough to take 5
vacations this year, move into our first home together, spend so much time with our wonderful
friends and family, and be wrapping up our educations at BYU.

We have learned so much together already and I love him so much more than I
ever thought possible. He is my everything.

We have the entire world in front of us and we can hardly wait what it has in store!