Thursday, July 30

baby avonlea

I have a lot to post about so these are going to be
a little out of order. But...Here is my SWEETEST little
niece Avonlea. Isn't she just the cutest thing
you've ever seen? I was so excited to take her pictures
the other day and to put together a couple of announcements
for her mom to choose from.

This one is my absolute favorite!

I must say, Jake & Melissa do make some pretty
darn cute babies!

On a more serious note; last night, as I was laying in
bed, I couldn't help butfeel so overwhelmingly thankful for
the countless blessings the Lordhas chosen to give to me.
I'm getting teary-eyedeven now thinking about it. I couldn't
even start to list thembut number one is my sweet husband
who is insanely supportive
(and whom I love more than I thought possible)
and our wonderful family and friends. Its easy to get
caught up inthe day-to-day things, to feel
overwhelmed, and to forgetour eternal worth and purpose.
But when we gain sight of what'struly important, the Lord
can softly prod us to reach a little further.

I want to be a better woman, a better wife, a better friend.

Tuesday, July 14

kind of fun

I was in Salt Lake yesterday shooting a wedding and got talking with the videographer and his wife. We were both asking questions to the other: how long have you been doing this, etc, when I told them I actually do wooden picture frames and canvas prints as well as photography. She got this wide-eyed look on her face and said, "Wait! You are Chrissy with Chrissy Marie Design! I LOVE your stuff!"

I think I have been smiling ever since :)

Saturday, July 11

our first apartment

Here is a quick tour of our little home...

The front room that gets lots of Wii action
when we have friends over.

The guest room that I was so excited about having.
It has gotten quite a lot of use and I am so happy.
We love having friends and family over to stay with
us. I never thought I would enjoy being
a hostess so much!

Our little dining area. I had a much
larger counter-height table and 6 chairs
when we got married but... it wouldn't
fit here! Oh well.

Our LOVELY drop in gold stove.
Pretty sure it's an original.

The kitchen is a little small but I love it!

Our office. And new imac computer that
I am so stinkin excited about!


Our bedroom with the lovely quilt my mom
made for us for our wedding. Thanks mom!
And Al, I need to give you back that sign :)

We love our little apartment and the
memories we have already made here!
Let's face it, we live in the ghetto! For example,
drug deals going on in the front yard,
watching the man across the street hit his wife;
not exactly the place you would want to live
long term. But we feel like it is such a fun
adventure for us to start out small and we
are excited to work hard and
see where we can end up.

Wednesday, July 1

new website!

I am so excited about it! I have a new website.
Go and check it out and let me know if the
video on the home page plays alright on your computer.
But first, don't forget to pause the music
on this blog.

What do you think?