Wednesday, September 21

Master Bedroom Tour

Before I show you the room, I would like to share a couple of thoughts on decorating...

It has taken me awhile to really "come into my own" with decorating. There are so many ideas out
there about what's in style and what's not. I think sometimes it is too easy to have a home that doesn't
reflect who you really are. Some restraints could be time, money, or a lack of desire or knowledge. 
Maybe some of you feel like decorating is silly and something you don't have time to bother with. 
If you fall into any of these categories, let me help encourage you to try again! I'm not saying I'm
a fantastic decorator, just that I've finally gotten the courage to do what I love even if it means
going against the grain. 

There are also benefits to decorating other than just looking nice. The arrangement of a room and the 
wall hangings can make a room feel larger. I feel strongly about creating a safe, warm and clean 
environment for my husband and family where the spirit is always welcome. I want all who come into
 our home to feel comfortable and uplifted. So, if you feel like you have hit a dead end with decorating,
 try again! There are so many resources available even for the smallest budget. 

One of my New Year's resolution this year was to "finish" our master bedroom. And I am
happy to report that I have done just that! I'm sure I will continue to tweak and add things but
for now it feels great to check that off my list of things to do.

Do you remember my post about the homemade Anthro-inspired bedspread? I was in love
with it and perfectly fine to have the knock-off version but as fate would have it, I stumbled
across the real thing for $59 on Anthro's website. It seemed too good to be true and after trying
to check out, I found it was. Some tech guy had goofed on the price but Anthro said they would
honor it anyways. They even threw in free 2 day shipping! I sold the old one on KSL for $100. 

This is probably my favorite touch to the whole room, hanging right by my side of the bed. It will
soon be available as a freebie on the Whimsy Place blog.

Found this curvy stand at Ross for $12.99. Perfect for all my jewelry!

This is a jewelry box my mom had as a little girl and I added the Anthropologie knob.

Probably my favorite project of the entire room. I bought this set of night stands on KSL for $75, 
painted them white and added clearance knobs from Hobby Lobby.

The set of 4 square mirrors are $4.99 at IKEA.

This is another favorite find. I scored this frame for $3 at a yard sale and painted foam core
from Hobby Lobby with blackboard paint.

Crew loves the fluffy white comforter and is always wanting up on the bed
to roll around and rough house with mommy and daddy.

The last touch is an Australian sheepskin I found on KSL that will be picked
up on Wednesday. Can't wait to have a soft rug on my side of the bed!

We love our bedroom and I'm so glad to have it finished!


K8yerM8 said...

When are you coming here to decorate my bedroom! I love it! :)

Merrells said...

The duvet looks fabulous! I like where you decided to put the shelves too. It looks great!

Holly Petty said...

I love it! I haven't looked at your blog for a while but I'm so glad I did! You definitely inspired me to do some decorating...for real.

Also, Crew is so cute, I can't believe how fast time has flown!