Wednesday, February 15

And then there were four...

For those of you who are normally a large part of my life, I have to apologize. You see, I have been completely absent in the last 6 weeks. Absent from church, my calling, toddler activities, friend get-togethers, visiting teaching, laundry, dishes, my phone and pretty much everything else that normal life consists of. Our lives have been turned tipsy turvy to make way for baby number two! Our babies don't wait for anything! Despite being ridiculously sick for 6 weeks, losing ten pounds, forgetting how to eat, having to depend entirely on my incredible mother, mother-in-law and husband for the necessities of life and swearing a million times this is the last time I am ever getting pregnant, we are very excited for this new little one on the way who is set to arrive the end of August!

With Crew, I was sick for 12 solid weeks so we were gearing up for another 6 weeks of this business! But I think perhaps God took pity on this tiny little shell of a person I have become and decided to send relief 6 weeks early. I feel an incredible amount of love and appreciation to every single person who has been a support to us and me in the last 6 weeks. You wouldn't believe the dinners, the phone calls, flowers, service and comfort that we have been the recipients of. Those who have helped can never know the impact it had on us and how eternally grateful we are. I have come to understand love and service and God's plan for me in a new way and I feel very my Savior's love every single day.

While I don't think we're completely out of the woods yet, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to go days between throwing up instead of hours. It gives me time to actually think about this new little bundle and how our lives are going to change with two children. Yay for pregnancy! And just for the record, I already feel like I can get pregnant again. It's amazing what you feel like you can handle when you feel well!