Wednesday, July 28

Weekend of the 24th

Crew & I going for a walk down at the park. I love having Neilson's grove so close to home! I'm excited to get the go-ahead from my doctor at my 6 week check up to start running again. I think Crew is going to love our morning runs as much as I will- he loves it outside.

The Walkers usually go camping to Albion Basin for the 24th. But this year, we just went up and picnicked and went on a little hike. It was beautiful with all the flowers in bloom! And a peaceful afternoon spent with family.

Welcome home uncle Madsen! I'm a little late but Madsen got back from the Dominican Republic a month ago. It's so nice to have him back and almost feels like he never left. When he left, Lance and I weren't even engaged and when he got back, little Crew was a week old! 

Aunt Trisha with a tired little baby.

Grandma Walker with her 3rd grandbaby. This little one is so lucky!

Our weekend also included a BBQ with the Merrell's for little Avonlea's 1st birthday and Saturday Lance and I painted the nursery. We are 3/4 the way finished and I can't wait to get it all put back together and decorated. It's going to be SO cute! Pictures to come.

Thursday, July 22


Just the word alone is ugly. It's something you think will always happen to someone else. So when my mom called me to see if she could come over to talk, the last thing I expected was to have her tell me she had cancer.

Breast cancer.

The most aggressive kind.

The world stood still for us as a family. All kinds of questions going through all of our heads. Me, especially, wondering if my sweet little baby was going to know his grandma. Suddenly, it made so much sense why it felt so right to stay in Utah.

I talk about everything as if it's all better and the threat is gone. It's not. She still has chemo and radiation ahead which will both be long roads. But she had surgery yesterday and did wonderfully. Also, the surrounding lymph nodes were negative for cancer... a very good thing!

My mom is one of the most positive people I know. She has handled everything with class and humor, between the occasional tears, of course. And we have all been very touched by the outpouring of love and support from friends and family. We have grown closer as a family as we have united strong against the cancer. But we are still scared silly to lose our Matriarch. She is the glue that holds this family together and the one everyone goes to when they need some reassurance and love.

She is going to beat this. We just know it :)

If you would like to follow along with her progress, my dad has created a blog for journal entries and stories. The link is on the sidebar and is titled, "The Merrells". 

We love you mom!

Wednesday, July 21

{St. G & Family Pictures}

This last weekend, Lance and I took a last minute trip down to St. George. Our kiosk manager quit and we needed to hire a new one and do some training with the other employees. It was a nice break for our new little family!  We enjoyed some r & r, visited my dear friends, Lance did training, & we even fired an employee on the spot! Quite the weekend :) 

Crew's first time at the swimming pool! This little cutie LOVES the water. I can't wait till he's old enough to start taking swimming lessons.

Steve & Annette Kiser who have been our close family friends since, well, forever! These two are like my second parents.

All my best friends. I wish they didn't live so far away!!
Our little Crew was quite spoiled with so many cuddly friends around. I love these girls more than words can say. It's always a blast when we get together. We are also very excited for Jennica who has a little one on the way.

This last Monday, we all got together for Merrell family pictures. Aunt Kate took the family pictures and of course I couldn't help but bring my camera along and get some fun shots at the same time. I cant wait to get the family photos printed and up on our wall.

Isn't little Avi just a DOLL?! I cannot believe this little angel is a year old today! Happy Birthday Avonlea.

My beautiful Kayshia Dawn. She is turning into quite the beautiful young lady.

Sisterly love.

Kenna giving Grandma some kisses :)

Lucky kids to have such a wonderful grandma.

What a cute family! Poor Kenna was trying hard to smile big. See the mischievous look on Avi's face? She had just grabbed a handful of Kenna's hair and YANKED. Jake and Melissa sure do make cute babies.

What handsome men!


Wednesday, July 14

{newborn shoot}

Here are a few of my favorites from our newborn shoot with Crew.
He is so precious!

My sweet baby

I cant wait to get these printed on canvas and up in the nursery :)


Just before baby came, Lance and I decided to make a new headboard for our recent switch from a Queen bed to a King size bed.

Our good friends Jake and Melissa Garrett joined in on the fun as well!  I dont have any pictures of the four of us working on our headboards together but we sure did have fun :)

I LOVE how it turned out! I have seen headboards just like this in Anthropologie magazines and have just drooled over them. Anthropologie is my favorite :) 

It's not just pretty... we ordered a feather pillow topper off of and our new bed is SO stinking comfortable. I just want to sleep all the time! Which has proven to be a little more difficult than I thought with our new little one here. But he's so worth it!

Friday, July 2

{just because}

The last week and a half have been an absolute joy with our new little one! He brings such happiness to our home. He is such a good baby! 

Here are a couple of pictures from a mini photo shoot I did with Crew yesterday. We are going out to do his newborn shoot this week but- in the meantime- I couldn't help but get a few cute shots of this adorable baby!

Sleeping soundly :) I want him to stay little forever.

Our little Crew smiles ALL the time! I know everyone says that its gas or a bubble in their tummy at this age but I'm just not buying it. Look at that grin and tell me its not pure joy.