Tuesday, June 30

salt lake temple

I have a lot to catch up on-and I will soon! But not now :)
I've been busy getting ready for my freedom festival booth
this Thursday, Friday & Saturday in Provo. Here
are a few pictures of the Salt Lake Temple I will
have at my booth along with lots of frames, some cute
pillow covers I made with my mom, canvas prints, and
some table runners and small quilts my mom has made.
Anyone that knows her knows that she is an amazing
seamstress. I am so excited for our booth and I think
it is going to be really cute!

Lance & I will be camping at the booth Thursday
and Friday nights so we don't have to haul
everything in and out each time. Hopefully we
will actually be able to sleep but at least it will
be an adventure :)

To see a few more click here.

Come visit me this Thursday, Friday & Saturday!

Friday, June 5

free giveaway

Here is a link to THE CUTEST photography website. Seriously- check it out. Maybe it will brighten your day as it did mine :) And there is a free giveaway as well. Click HERE to check it out.

Thursday, June 4

so many things to post!

Sorry about the 3 posts in a row. The truth is, I have 5 more
posts I could do! But, there's no time now so it will have
to wait until later. Lance & I are heading to sunny St. George this
next week for the Walker vacation/ family reunion. We
can't wait for a much needed break, sunshine, swimming,
country dancing and spending time with those we love!
We will miss you this year Elder Madsen!

we love our friends

Everyone told us that after you get married, you turn into hermits.
Well it has been quite the opposite with Lance and I! We like to
spend time with our friends as often as possible. Here are a few
of the highlights from the past few months.

The BYU track hurdlers and us wives. What a fun group!

Oliver, Lance's mission companion, and his wife.
We love visiting with them whenever they are in town and we
love staying with them in their new home in Cedar City.
So many good times!

All of Lance's high school friends and their girlfriends
(minus Bryan & Erin, Jon & Andrea, I know I'm forgetting someone else!).
Talk about a crazy group! We get together once a month for
Sunday dinner and cannot go a night without stomach
cramps from laughing so hard.

Logan & Whitney, Jenn: Our St. George friends (& Alisa of course)!
We loved having Logan and Whitt stay with us for Alisa's wedding.

We are also looking forward to a Moab trip this month
and a road trip with everyone at the end of the summer.
We feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends.
We love you guys! Thanks for all the good times.

my best friend's wedding

Daxton & Alisa
May 20th, 2009

I cannot believe my best friend is married to her sweetheart.
I am so happy for her and Daxton! Her wedding was beautiful,
of course. And it was such a neat experience to be there with
Lance for my first sealing in the temple. They are so in love
and I have never seen her so happy.

Whitt, me, Alisa & Jenn. So great to have us all together again!

Being there for the sealing reminded my of my own
wedding (6 months ago!) and the blessing of being
sealed to my sweetheart in a Holy Temple of the
Lord. He is everything I could ever want and more.
Each day I feel like I couldn't love him any more
and I cannot wait for the journey ahead of us.
Here are the gray frames and canvas prints I did for
Alisa's wedding. They turned out so well, I think!
Next is orange for Melissa's wedding.

See more pictures of the frames here.