Tuesday, September 27

New kid on the block

About 3 months ago I started watching Colton 3 days a week. His parents are in our ward and with full-time school for dad and full-time work for mom, Colton needed a place to hang out. This sweet little boy has stolen my heart. It's incredible to see the difference in personality between he and Crew. Sometimes I don't think these boys could be any more different! It's been quite challenging at times- mostly trying to get Crew to share and be soft with Colton. Let's just say that all involved are learning and growing. :)

 Usually they are taking toys from each other but I treasure the rare moments when they are 
actually partners in crime. 

 The other day I gave Crew an Oreo. I had a good laugh when a few minutes later I found it smashed 
all over his face. After getting him all cleaned up, I turned around to find this face on Colton.

 Apparently someone had shared his Oreo!

We have loved having Colton in our home and overall, it's been a wonderful learning experience. 
Maybe I'm being prepared for twins?

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Deborah said...

I love this post! Seeing the two boys together is adorable, and their matching Oreo-smeared faces are so cute. We are so grateful to you for everything you do for Colton! It makes an incredible difference to know that he is being well-cared for by someone who is a fantastic mother. Thank you for willingly taking on challenge of watching the two boys! You are AMAZING!