Tuesday, September 13


A few months back, I was trying to plan a trip for Labor Day weekend. Lance told me I couldn't because he already had something planned for us that weekend. BUT, he said, it was a surprise and I was not going to find out where we were going until the day of. The night before, I was told we were going to Phoenix. Lance's sister Kirstin lives there so I just assumed we would be spending the entire 5 days with her. Little did I know, Lance and Jason had planned for Emy and I to run into each other at the Phoenix airport!!

 Emy and I met 2 years ago in a Provo Student Ward. We like to joke that we were going to be friends 
with she and Jason whether we liked it or not! They half stalked us for a few days (not really but it's a 
funny joke). Emy and I just clicked from the get-go and have been fast friends ever since! 

I love this girl!!

Ever since she and Jason and their 2 cute kiddos moved to California, we haven't gotten to see each
 other much. We have stayed in close contact, though and are currently working on the Whimsy Place
blog together. But after more than a year without seeing each other, we were long overdue for some
girl time! I cannot believe how wonderful our husbands were to plan this 5 day trip to Phoenix together.

We went to a carnival type place with Kirstin and all the kids:

We went boating at sunset:

 It was breathtakingly beautiful!


 The whole group: Emy's parents are just the best!

We celebrated Story's 1st birthday:

I fell in love with this adorable little birthday girl!

 We had a romantic getaway:
 The husbands planned the entire 5 days complete with a night out on the town; dinner,
shopping, dancing and a night at a hotel with no kids!

We spent lots of time at splash parks:

 Little Bosty boy has grown up so much!

We played games with Kirstin and Bruce, and then we headed home:

Yes, that is Crew asleep in his car seat in the middle of the airport. Love that bug :)

It was such a wonderful trip! My sweet husband has brownie points enough for the next year...


Merrells said...

What a fun trip and I'm very impressed by Lance's forethought.

Melissa said...

So fun!! I can't believe that Emy has two kids now. She only had one when we were all in the ward together. Time sure flies!