Tuesday, September 13

Summer Fun

I wish I had taken more pictures but some of our summer activities included
playing with these two cute little girls along with their mom.

We went swimming, boating, celebrated Avie's 2nd birthday, Jake's birthday and just hung out. 
We love our family!

 Crew has been getting into EVERYTHING. I love his curiosity and how he'll spend so much
time and effort in trying to figure something out. He is a little scientist, that's for sure.
I love how much more independent he is getting and I really don't mind the messes one bit.

His vocabulary has absolutely exploded! At 12 months, he had approximately 20 words. We
counted the other day and came up with over 50 words only 2 1/2 short months
later! He absolutely amazes me at how quickly he learns. He has also started putting
words together in sentences. Almost daily he will pull out a 2 or 3 word sentence. 

Some of my favorites:
"Don't do that."
"I want apple."
"More cheese."
"More, please."

His signing is almost gone now, as he has replaced them all with words. The most incredible
thing for Lance and I is that he understands probably 3x more than he can vocalize.

Grandma Walker, Lance's mom, kept saying how much Crew reminds her of Lance at that age
so we pulled out some photos to compare. You can see for yourself...

Is it just me or do they look SO much alike?

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Merrells said...

HOLY COW...He is so a little Lance! And I love the picture of the three kiddos. They're all adorable!