Tuesday, March 29


Please excuse me while I get a little personal. I have had many many deep thoughts as of late. I explore the real meaning of life, how to find true happiness, wonder how I can truly become the person I want to be, think of the many relationships in my life and what they mean to me. I rarely get very far in figuring it all out. What I do happen to realize each time, though, is that I am truly, authentically happy. Happy with my incredible husband, adorable little baby and our simple lives. And each time I come to this conclusion in my mind, I dedicate myself anew to trying just a little harder to making those whom I love a little more happy. The interesting thing is, it's at this point that my flaws and mistakes are the most obvious to me. It's like I can see them all through a magnifying glass, but instead of feeling upset about it I just feel motivated to improve.

It's at these times that I am very thankful for new beginnings; new days, new weeks, new seasons, new friendships... to try just a little harder.

I'm also very thankful Spring is in the air. These little darlings are popping up in the flower beds outside my door. Never 
mind that they're weeds, they're still evidence that Spring is near! I tell you, we are getting Spring fever around here. 

AND, this is completely unrelated but I just had to share a pic of my naked little man.

 Don't you just want to squeeze his little tush? 

Friday, March 18

{A day at the park}

Kenna came to play last week. We always love it when she comes to play, Crew absolutely loves his 
cousins! We had such beautiful weather, we decided to go to the park!

Kenna wanted her picture taken doing EVERYTHING. 

She even crossed her legs on the swing for me to take a picture. :)

Crew loved swinging as well.

Crew just loved the taste of the wood chips, grass and leaves.

Looking at the ducks.

I love this picture! Kenna is so sweet with Crew and he is turning to give her kisses.
His tummy rolls help too...

Here's to a full summer's worth of days at the park!

Wednesday, March 9


My brother Jake and his wife Melissa try to do a weekly hike with their little family during the summer 
months. Lance and I love the idea so we decided to jump on board! This last Saturday was so beautiful, 
we just couldn't pass up the chance to hike the "Y". The weather was gorgeous, just the right 
temperature for a hike. And it couldn't have been timelier, what with the nasty last few days we've had.

One of us was just a little too tuckered out to make it to the top.

Almost there! Despite the snow, it was really warm.

Gorgeous view!

It was so nice to get out! It makes me even more excited for summer.

That evening, Lance and I decided to make a dessert. 

The cover there is what it was supposed to look like! Hahaha! 
We probably wont be making this German treat ever again.

Cake, anyone?!

Tuesday, March 8


For those of you who don't know, RPM is the consulting firm Lance works for. He started out as an 
intern this time last year and has quickly moved up into a Team Lead Manager position. He works 60
 hours a week (I know, crazy hours!) and manages 9 projects. This means that 9 team leads are under
 him and then 2 or 3 people under each of those 9 team leads.

Lance and his 9 teams work very hard to accelerate the growth and competitive edge of their clients.
It's really incredible how much he is learning and the amazing people he gets to rub shoulders with.
As a wife, you want nothing more than for your husband to be happy at work and to be continually
pushed to learn and grow. We feel so blessed that Lance has had the opportunity to work for RPM! We
 could not have chosen a better fit for our family and especially for Lance.

I am so proud of the dedication and hard work he has put into the company. He works incredibly hard so
 that I can stay at home with Crew. I hesitate even putting that on here because I realize that there are 
many moms who would love to stay at home and cant. Or that enjoy their jobs! For us, this set-up has
 been absolutely perfect and I'm grateful everything has seemed to come together to help that happen. 

The culture at RPM is very different than most companies. We have events every few months where all 
the employees and their families are invited to come and have fun! This last one was at Progressive
 Power Tumbling in Provo. It was a blast :)

The RPM partners both have daughters close to Crew's age.

No one made it over without knocking down the stack except for Lance.

This isn't the entire group but here are a lot of the RPM guys!

Haha! This pictures cracks me up.

Kris won the drawing.

Friday, March 4


Look at this sweet baby.
Our good friends Joe & Camille were delighted to have him arrive safe and sound 2 weeks ago.

And I was delighted to meet him, cuddle with him and take some pictures of him.

 He's a Y fan already!

So comfortable with mommy.

He is the exact size Crew was when he was born.
See the fiendish look on Crew's face? He tried to bite the baby whenever he came near!

Crew wasn't very happy about the attention mommy was giving to Maxwell.

I also designed this baby announcement for them.

Oh and p.s. to any friends and family reading this blog...
the offer stands for you too! I would love to take pictures and
design announcements for your newborns as well.