Friday, February 25

{my little buddy}

Crew's development has absolutely exploded in the last 2 weeks! 

It's incredible how quickly he will figure something out and never look back.
His recent favorites:
trying new words- his latest are banana ("bahmama") and duck ("duh!")
singing (any song will do)
bath time and his rubber ducky
pulling himself up on furniture and in the bath
eating anything and everything we give him

What can I say? I am completely smitten by this sweet sweet baby. Lance and I both are.
I know that I'm the mommy but he has really become my best little bud.
We do everything together, he and I. We have our own little inside jokes, 
we are super silly together, and we just plain enjoy being together. And the
favorite part of both of our days? When daddy gets home!!

 We did a mini 10-minute photo shoot on the porch this morning to get some 8-month shots.
Thanks for your help Dawn!

Love his striped cardi and plaid pants.

Playing peek-a-boo, his favorite game.

Being silly.

His two bottom teeth are my favorite. He just got 4 new teeth on top and has 2 more coming 
in on the bottom. He's really good at growing teeth. Hair? Not so much.

We sure love you, our handsome little redhead. 

Thursday, February 10


Tonight was our last swimming lesson for Crew. Even though it was a huge hassle to go 
(try to get a 7-month-old and yourself ready to swim and dressed afterwards, then outside into the 
freezing cold) I am really sad they're over. Crew gets so antsy being stuck inside all day- 
and I don't blame him. So even though there were usually some kind of tears involved, 
he was so happy to get out and do something active.

Cheesin it for the camera :)
I feel like he doesn't look anything like me...

Look at the adorable suit that grandpa Walker got for him!

Getting his all-time-favorite - the rubber ducky!

Got it!

McKenzie, Ady (12 months), Me and Crew 
(Try to ignore the weird look from Crew :)

McKenzie and I have grown up together so it was really fun to be in a swimming 
class together with our kids! Thanks for the invite! 

The only question is, what do I do now to keep him busy?

Tuesday, February 8

{little bundle of joy}

I'm a little late but congrats to one of my best friends,  Jennica, on the arrival of her sweet little Abby Jane! 
Look at this sweet sweet baby. And get this; she came on her due date! Talk about perfect timing.

I couldn't be happier for Jenn and Josh. They waited a little longer than they anticipated for this
little package and they are in pure bliss to finally have her here.

The blanket in the picture is one my mom and I made for baby Abby.
Even though I can't have a little girl of my own yet, at least I still get to make cute little girly things :)

Me, Whitt, Jenn, Alisa & Lindsey

Here we all are at a baby shower in St. George for Jenn. I was so happy I could be there!
She doesn't even look pregnant, right?!

Love you Jenn!
And I can't wait to love on your little bundle.


This sweet little boy is growing up much too fast.

He outgrew his other car seat so I got him this adorable one from 
SO cute! Lance jokes that I'm going to turn him metro.

He loves the new seat. And pretty soon he'll be facing forward which he'll love even more.
Isn't he the cutest?!

Our Crew guy brings us so much joy! And he has changed and grown so much,
just in the last week. Here are some of his newest feats:

  1. First word! Crew has said "mama" and "dada" for a long time but he never connected them with us. It was just vocal play. But this week, he figured out that "dada" meant Lance. It's the cutest thing! He'll say "dada" on command and when I ask him where daddy is, he'll look right at Lance or look for him if he's not in the room. 
  2. No He also figured out the meaning of shaking his head "no". When he's finished eating, he is so pleased with himself that he can let me know. 
  3. Crawling Our sweet little guy has figured out how to crawl! He gets around really well. He's so curious about every little thing that he tires himself out in 20 minutes because he's going going going the entire time. 
  4. Claps his Hands He figured this one out about a month ago but it's still just as cute. When someone says "yay!" he'll get a big smile and clap.
  5. Mmmm He loves his big boy food and every time he takes a bite he says, "Mmmm!" 
I was reminiscing last night about the day I gave birth to him. It's hard to believe it's been 7 1/2 months since then. It's hard 
to imagine life without him. He brings us so much joy and Lance and I are always cracking up at his feisty little personality.

 He's figured out that crawling through the furniture is must faster than crawling around it.

We love you Crew guy!