Friday, June 25

{Baby Crew}



6 pounds 11 ounces ~ 19 inches long
Born at 11:38 

Oh my goodness if this isn't the sweetest and most perfect baby ever born to the earth! Lance and I are so overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and love for this sweet little spirit who has come to our family. Being a mom is so much more fulfilling than I could have every imagined.

Let me tell you a little about how he came....

Many of you know that I took hypnobirthing classes and was planning on delivering naturally. Lance & I prepared almost the entire 9 months and were really hoping that my body would kick into labor naturally before we started getting pressure from doctors to induce. From what I've learned, induced labors are much swifter and harder than normal labors. Well, my due date came and went with lots of contractions and progression but still no baby. On Monday, 4 days after my due date, I went to the doctor for a check-up. They had ordered a blood test because of a weird rash I developed all over my body and the doctor got the results while I was at the office. He seemed a little flustered at the results but calmly explained that I had a condition called Colostasis of pregnancy. It is almost harmless for mom (besides the rash which is almost unbearable), but can have some very serious implications for baby including still birth, hemorrhaging, etc. It is very rare with only 7 in 1000 of pregnant women ever getting it. From that point on, everything seems a little blurry. The doctor called the hospital immediately and told me to go home, get my husband and hospital bag and go straight in to be induced. 

I was a wreck. No mother ever wants to be told that if she doesn't go in immediately, there is a chance her baby could be stillborn. I also knew that this meant I would most likely not have the labor and delivery I had been preparing for and imaging the entire 9 months. However, getting our little one here safely was THE most important thing. So even though things did not turn out how I anticipated, we couldn't be happier to have little Crew here safe and sound.

Lance was such a wonderful support through everything. I couldn't ask for a better husband!
I labored on my own for 8 of the 11 hour labor which I feel like really made a difference in my recovery. I feel fantastic! 

The happy grandmas just before Crew was born! Aren't they just the cutest?

He's here! The proud new daddy.

Grandma Merrell giving Crew his very first bath. 

My mom works on Mother/Baby at Utah Valley Hospital. It was SO much fun delivering and recovering there. We seriously got the STAR treatment from all the nurses who just couldn't wait to see Mary Merrell's new little grandbaby. We got spoiled in so many ways :)

Big yawns! It's hard work being born.

Crew with his proud Grandpa Walker. Look at that red hair!

MaKenna and Savannah enjoying some cookies.

This little one is going to be so spoiled by all his doting aunts and uncles!

Crew & Marcus who are 3 weeks apart in age. So cute!

Walker clan- it is so fun having Kirstin, Bruce, Savannah & baby Marcus in town from Arizona! 

Some of the Mother/baby gals there to dote on our little angel. Barbara (middle) is my best friend Alisa's mom. Boy did she get a surprise to be called to my room only to see me there with our new baby. 

Time to go home!

Oh how we love him.

Monday, June 14

{9 months}

I have a whole bunch of posts I want to do of projects we've been finishing in the last couple of weeks. But for now, here is a picture of my 9-month-pregnant self. Hehe. Lance just kept snapping 'em so I gave him some cheese. 

Time for this baby to come!! :)

Thursday, June 10

{No Baby Yet}

I have some of the sweetest friends and family! Everyone has been calling or texting to get baby news. And the news is... no baby yet :) Every week at my check ups I find out that I am still progressing slowly and surely which is great news.  But baby Walker just isn't quite ready to come yet. He thought he was ready a couple of weeks ago and then changed his mind.

We are in no hurry though. I am quite enjoying sleeping in every morning and getting more than ever done around the house. And Lance is working hard at getting our new business up and running on its own. We love laying at night before bed and talking about how our lives are going to change with this sweet little spirit. Lance loves feeling our baby boy kick and move around inside of me. I swear our little man knows when his daddy is feeling for him and he goes more crazy than ever. I can already tell the special relationship they are going to have.

I have the nursery almost ready. On today's docket are sewing curtains and buying paint. I will post pictures as soon as it's finished!