Tuesday, September 13


I am going to play a little catch up since our summer has been so crazy. One of the highlights was swimming lessons for little Crew guy. Crew loved splashing in the pool and hanging out with other little girls his age. That's right, Crew was the only boy in a class of 7. Ladies man! :)

Crew did a great job in swimming. He is very comfortable floating on his back and going under. He kicks on command and gets so excited about moving in the water. He loved the chance to be active and social at the same time. Studies have shown that on top of the obvious physical benefits (coordination, motor development), swimming is also great for cognitive development. I can't wait to see what progress he makes next summer!

Crew with Robin, his instructor.

We also got season passes to 7 peaks this year so we got a lot of time in the pool.
What a fun summer it has been!

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