Friday, May 22

my husband the track star

Lance had a great track season this year, breaking his
personal record twice! I was very excited to go with him
and his dad, Scott, to Eugene Oregon for track Regionals.
BYU was very well represented with over 30 team
members who qualified. It was a lot of fun to watch
our athletes compete against some of the nation's best
athletes. I am so proud of Lance and all his hard work
and dedication this year.
I love you honey!

While almost all of Lance's meets were in other states,
we really enjoyed when Lance had a home meet at BYU.
It's always a blast getting together with friends and family
and enjoying the sunshine and good company. Plus,
Lance consistently takes top 3 which makes for very exciting races.

I would upload more photos but my camera has gone
dead and it's my bed time :) More photos later!

Thursday, May 14

life never slows down

Oh my goodness! It has been quite awhile since I've signed on and posted. And, I dont have time to post a real post now either. I just wanted to say that Lance & I are still alive and breathing.... and very very busy! But when I get a spare moment I will post again. Many posts and pictures to come. In the meantime, here is a picture I took the other day of my adorable niece Kenna.

She is just too cute!