Saturday, May 29


Congratulations to Kirstin, Bruce & Savannah for the new little addition to their family! Yesterday, Kirstin gave birth to a little baby boy; 8 pounds, 13 ounces with a lot of dark hair. We couldn't be happier for you and are excited that our little man will have a cousin so close to his age!

Speaking of our little man, he has given us quite a run for our money. Lance left early Wednesday morning for regionals in Austin, Texas and wont be back till Sunday morning. I went and got checked at my OB's wednesday morning and found out that I am already progressing! That's great news but worried me a little with Lance so far away till Sunday. Wednesday I was having pretty regular and strong contractions for most of the afternoon and evening. Then, I woke up at 3:30 in the morning with some serious cramping and more contractions. I thought, "Here we go!" and was preparing myself for labor without Lance but the contractions lasted for 2 hours and then stopped. I have been trying to take it easy just to make sure this baby doesn't come with Lance gone. Luckily Lance is getting back early tomorrow morning and then this little guy can come anytime!

I actually really enjoy the contractions. Weird, I know, but each one is a step closer to holding my baby in my arms! We are thinking this little guy will be here within the week but you just never know :)

{Our cowgirl}

Kinley has been in horseback riding lessons for almost 2 years now. Last night she had a horse show and we had the whole family there (minus Melissa).

Sweet little Avi. She and Kenna are so much fun! Our little guy is going to be so blessed to have such a great family and some adorable cousins. 

Me and my baby girl Dawn.

What a cute family :) I am so happy we get to stay nearby now!

Avonlea was being so funny! She loves giving Eskimo kisses and didn't want to stop. 

Feeling grandpa's head

Kinley on her horse, Wrangler. She is a regular cowgirl!

Look who took FIRST PLACE! We are so proud of our Kinley girl.

{May Fun}

We have been so busy this month and having so much fun. For those of you who don't know, we moved into my parent's guest room for a few weeks until the basement apartment was ready to move into. It has been a little crazy with all of our belongings stuffed into the room across the hall but we are finally moving into the apartment. I was able to locate my camera after moving so here are a few pictures of our many activities!

We headed up to Salt Lake to spend a much needed evening with friends :) Joe and Camille, you were missed!

Gross Lance!

After the big snow storm, we were worried about my dad's recently planted garden. So we bundled up and headed outside to cover each of the little plants with paper TP's. As you can see, I am getting pretty large!

Austin got into Nursing School and started this last week! He has been around a lot more, which we all love, as well as his dog Kayla. She is just the happiest dog you will ever meet :) All of the other guys in the family started school as well. Dad is at BYU studying English as his undergraduate and wanting to do Law School after that, Jake is at UVU studying Engineering,  and Daniel is also at UVU studying Finance. We are so proud of them all!

Lance has been really busy with track, his RPM job, and getting things up and running for SwimKids.
Here I am watching the boys put up our new SwimKids billboard. Sometimes I think it looks like I just shoved a basketball up my shirt :) I assure you, though, that bump is a baby! He kicks me all day long.

Kinley and I were great at watching the boys do all the work.

Here it is! It has been so fun to see this thing through from designing it to putting it up. It's right off the freeway between the University Parkway exit in Orem and the Center Street Exit in Provo.

My dad suggested that we make something to stick up above the billboard so Lance and I got our hands a little dirty and constructed this piece! We were quite proud of our handy work.

Slim. Cutest dog ever. Look at his different color eyes! Lance claims to not like dogs but I swear he has a soft spot in his heart for this little one. 

Putting up the head piece!

Ta da! 

Climbing back down the HUGE ladder. It may not look very tall, but Lance said this is by far the scariest part of putting up the billboard.

Thursday, May 20

{My Track Star}

I am SO stinking proud of Lance and his hard work this year on the BYU track team. He has been so dedicated to working hard and improving his times. And just this last week, he qualified for Regionals! So it's off to Texas this next week to compete for a spot at Nationals. Unfortunately, flying is out of the question for me with only 4 weeks to go. I will just have to cheer him on from home! (And hope with ALL my might that this baby doesn't come the 5 days he is gone)

Here Lance is with his dad Scott and little sister Trisha

Mmmm.... look at that tight butt! :) Lance warming up at the blocks. I always get so nervous for him right about now!

Way to go babe!

Jake, Kenna, Melissa and Avi out to watch Lance run. Kenna LOVED watching the races and kept asking all sorts of questions. First she asked, "Why is he jogging?" and I told her it was to loosen his muscles. She then asked, "Why are his muscles hard?" I love my Kenna girl. 


Tuesday, May 18


Remember the post where I said we were moving to this beautiful city?

Just kidding! I guess kidding is not the right word. When I wrote that post, we had full intentions of packing up all our belongings and relocating to Madison at the end of July, just 6 short weeks after our little one is due to make his debut. But life has a funny way of changing... sometimes in a heartbeat :) While we were thrilled for the adventure of moving to a new city and working for a big company, other opportunities have just become too tempting to pass up.

What will we be doing then, you ask? Well, many of you know about the company Lance's mom owns and runs out of Salt Lake. It's called SwimKids and they specialize in teaching children as young as 6 months old survival and swimming skills. The program is incredible and so different from almost all other swimming programs. She recently purchased a facility in the Salt Lake area and is looking forward to continued growth in her company. 

After doing a little research about running our own program in the Provo/Orem area this summer, the year-round and long-term opportunity of running and owning our own business seemed just too good to pass up! While working for a big company and having the security of a salary every month may be what most couples search and long for, Lance and I both dream of the excitement and opportunity of starting and running our own businesses. We have the entrepreneurial bug, you may say :)

We are so excited for this new adventure in our lives! And so happy to be staying close to friends and family, especially with baby Walker on his way.