Thursday, August 18

{sweet boy}

I love this sweet boy! He is my little buddy. I couldn't ask for a sweeter, more fun little boy
to spend every second of my day with. And as these pictures will show, he is very very silly!

Giving mommy loves. He is so cuddly and will always give kisses and loves.

hahaha! This one is my favorite. He looks so fat.

When you ask Crew for kisses he puts his forehead to your lips, "Yes, you may kiss me!"

Spitting on his fingers.

Wiping it on mommy's face. Gross!

My recent favorites:
He learned how to say "duck" and "doggie" perfectly and he says them at least 100x a day
He learned how to fold his arms during prayers- it's SO cute!
He tries pretty much any word you will ask him to and comes up with a new word almost daily
He loves singing and dancing, singing is usually "ooooooooo" to anything
He still sleeps wonderfully, 12 hours every night and 2 naps
He is not a good eater. I don't know what to do! Any tips, mothers?
He loves playing hide and seek and would play for hours on end
He is still a social butterfly and would much rather be out and about then at home.
He absolutely adores his daddy.

He was so proud of is new hat and was strutting around showing it off. 

Lance and I just can't imagine loving a little person so much. We are constantly
cracking up at his antics and his fire-cracker personality. Who knew a little
baby could make life so enjoyable?