Friday, November 7


This last Saturday we headed up to the Garden Park Ward in Salt Lake City to take bridals. We chose the perfect day- the last day with any real warmth in the season.

The neighborhoods that this is hidden in are gorgeous! They have the most perfect feel of old and new. The streets are lined with large oaks that make a sort of tunnel to drive through. And with the leaves falling by the bag fulls, we could certainly feel that fall was just about over.

Here are a few of my favorites. I have saved some of the very best ones for the wedding...

Melissa took the pictures again. Aren't they gorgeous? Thank you again Missa! You're amazing. I have had so much fun with these pictures in Photoshop! Its my new favorite past time.

Less than 2 weeks! We can hardly believe it. And each day I feel like I couldn't love him more. I cant wait to spend forever with you babe!

Wednesday, November 5

I'm Marrying Mr. Incredible!

This Halloween probably topped every Halloween I've had so far! Our good friends Jenna & Dave went all out with us this year. We bought the outfits at several stores, namely Walmart and Savers :) Then we got the felt at joAnns for a whopping $4! And, for a total of $20 a costume, I would say we got a pretty good gitup! Not to mention first prize in the costume contest :)

Lance & I didnt tell my family anything about what we were being, and when Lance came waltzing in with his puffed up chest and entire spandex outfit, my family about died! We were all laughing so hard we were crying! And Lance loved it. He made comments all night like, "Mmmm, that kiss was INCREDIBLE!" All in all, it was a pretty memorable evening.

Probably my favorite thing about the entire outfit was Lance's slicked back hair. You are so hot babe! Why don't you do that more often? This pic was when he was taking off the mask. Hmmm...didnt quite come off like it went on.