Thursday, September 20

Crew's 1st Prayer

Heavenly Father,

We're thankful for this day
We're thankful for Mommy
We're thankful for Daddy
We're thankful for Crew guy
We're thankful for Cambridge

Bless Crew guy be 
obedient to Daddy

Bless us sleep well
Bless us wake up

Name Jesus Christ,

Age: 26 months

It didn't even occur to me that Crew was ready to start saying prayers on his own. Luckily my sweet husband decided Crew was ready. Imagine our surprise when this is the prayer he pulls out! Lance only had to cue with "We're thankful" and, "Bless" once and Crew was off with the rest! What a sweetheart. 

My favorite is where he blesses himself in 3rd person to be obedient :)

Sunday, September 16

A few more newborn pictures

I got the CD of images in the mail from our newborn photo shoot with 
Cambridge and here are a few more of my favorites.

 I absolutely love these two photos! They are just so perfectly her- my little angel.

Another smiling one! She is starting to smile at me everyday when we are
cooing and talking and it melts my heart every time.

Love my little Cambri!

If any of you are looking for a great newborn photographer, you
should definitely go see Alice. She is so talented and great to work with!

Friday, September 14

Getting the hang of things

It has been a little tricky balancing a newborn and a two-year 
old but I think I am finally getting the hang of it! I ventured out 
to go grocery shopping earlier this week and was completely 
exhausted by the time we got home, but still!

Crew has been a very proud older brother and asks to hold 
Cambridge several times a day. He also loves to give her her 
binky and sing songs to her. Today his song went something 
like this, 

(Think Will Ferrell in Elf when he's singing in the store)

don't you cry
baby girl
baby Cambridge
don't you cry
Mommy's holding you

It's so sweet!
These were the gifts Crew and Cambridge "gave" to each other
the first time they met. Lance came up with the idea and bought
them a few days before I delivered. What a sweet daddy!

So sweet and little. I love how she pulls her legs up like that. 
It helps me see how she was able to fit in my tummy!

These two have been spending lots of time together while I
cuddle with and feed Cambridge. They are the best of buds!
They especially love playing on the ipad together.

She doesn't have much hair but it looks like it's 
going to be red just like her big brother!

She is honestly a little angel- so even-tempered
and patient. She gave me two huge smiles
yesterday while I was cooing and talking with
her and they about melted my heart.

It is incredible how, even after just a couple
weeks, we can't imagine life or our family
without her.

Wednesday, September 5

2 weeks

The last 2 weeks have seemed to fly by! 

Cambridge is an absolute joy to have in our home. 
She is so even-tempered and patient- even when
she hasn't eaten in 5 + hours, she will just fuss a tiny 
bit and as soon as I pick her up she stops altogether.

Crew has done incredibly well with the transition.
He has needed more attention, and has acted up a
little more but is so sweet to baby girl! 

He wants to hold her all the time and will sit and
sing or talk to her. He refers to her as "baby girl"
all the time which I love!

We had a 2 week check-up for Cambridge yesterday
and she has gained exactly a pound since she was born.
The doc says that is very unusual to have gained that 
much so we must be doing something right!

I was hoping that would be the case, because she 
has been going for 5 and 6 hour stretches at night and
I want to be able to enjoy it, not be worrying that she's
getting enough to eat. With her weight gain, I can
rest assured she's getting enough :)

We are loving every minute of the newborn stage!
Ok, maybe not the interrupted sleep at night-
but even then, I love the quiet time alone with
my little girl. It feels like having a little piece
of heaven in your home to have a newborn around.

Now I'm off to take a nap!