Wednesday, January 27

{It's a Boy!}

Baby bump: 20 weeks
We had our first ultrasound today and got the very exciting news that we are having a boy! It absolutely sent me for a loop. I've thought all along it was a girl. But we couldn't be happier :)

The ultrasound was so incredibly awe inspiring! Lance and I are still on cloud nine about it. To see our little guy moving around, twisting, to see the four chambers of his heart, and yes, even his little manhood; it's something I cannot describe. Everything about him is so absolutely perfect and tiny; the very mix of us both. There is one picture of his profile that I can't stop looking at. You can see his head, eyes, nose, lips and tiny chin so clearly! It is incredible such a tiny perfect being is inside of me.

The technician said everything is developing perfectly. And, surprisingly, he is not even small despite my extreme sickness for the first 3 months. She even kept commenting on how active he was compared to most of the babies she sees. I could have told you that a long time ago! When I told her I felt him at 15 weeks, she responded, "Normally, when women tell me that they've felt their baby so early, I would think they were kidding themselves but I absolutely believe you." I guess he takes after his daddy and is going to be a busy little bee. :)

The front view. Not very noticeable but you do notice I have NO waistline.

Sunday, January 24

{Mean Prank}

I did something rather mean today. I didn't intend to, it just kind of happened. After Sunday school, the rest of the class had shuffled out and Lance and I were the only ones left in the room along with the teachers. They are some of the nicest people I know, especially the wife. She is soft-spoken, kind hearted, and so sweet. She caught my eye as I was standing up, put her hand to her belly and her face asked, "how far along are you?" or "how is your pregnancy going?". Do not ask me where this came from, but in the split second that followed, I decided it would be really funny to do the following: I looked at her with sort of a blank expression, shifted my eyes, and said, "I'm... not pregnant." I was wearing a rather baggy dress and I'm still small enough that it would leave room for question. She, of course, got a panicked look on her face and looked like she was going to cry! I immediately regretted pulling such a mean prank on such a nice woman and in turn, embarrassed I had done such a thing, went completely bright red and stayed that way for some time! I assured her that I WAS pregnant and that things were going great. And just kept telling her how sorry I was for doing that to her. Afterward, Lance made the comment, "Chrissy! Of all people to do that to! She is the very last!" But we did have a pretty good laugh about it. :)

Note to self: if you want to play funny jokes on people you know, don't tell them you're not pregnant when you are. That's just plain mean.

Friday, January 22


Our trip to Cancun was an absolute blast! I was a little worried about the plane
ride and that I would be sick while there but I did great!

We stayed at the Mayan Palace, a very posh resort just out of Playa Del Carmen.
I didn't get a picture of it but the pool area was enormous! We found out it
just recently got beat out for the largest pool in the book of Guinness Records.

Kirstin and Bruce got us this Botchy Ball set for Christmas and Lance was
determined to bring it to Mexico! The set weighed over 14 pounds!
But he made it work and it was a blast to play on the beach.

Mom & Dad snorkeling

We spent one full day at XCARET, a type of natural theme park. They had everything
from live entertainment, to these cute little turtles, underground rivers you could swim around
the park in, and almost anything else you can imagine! It was a very fun and full day.

This is one of the natural underground rivers that occasionally opens up
to the sky. Absolutely breathtaking!

The entire group of us, minus Lance who's taking the picture.
Kinley, Daniel, Austin, Dad, Kayshia, Me, Mom & Kathrina

Tulum: Mayan Ruins. Aren't they just beautiful? The couple and the ruins :)

It was right by the Caribbean Ocean. Those Myans sure knew how to choose
where to build! I would not mind living here at all.

Enrique Iglesias better watch out.

I want to move to Mexico :)

Mine and Dawn's french-tipped toes :)

On the beach at the resort, there were ALL kinds of little critters hiding in the rocks.

Each of these little shells is holding a crab. They were so much fun to watch
and felt very funny walking on your hands.

Lance and I also went into Playa Del Carmen one evening, just the two of us.
We had a blast getting couples massages and getting an amazing 4 course dinner
for only $15 each! Overall, the week was such a fabulous break and we all
had a blast.

Goodbye Mexico....until next time.

Wednesday, January 20

{creative stirrings}

Yesterday and today it is like magic....
All of the sudden, I feel like myself again!
And along with that, has come the usual barrage in my head of creative
stirrings :) I have to say, it feels really great to be myself again.

And so, I spent some time today thinking about all the little projects I can
start on for our little one on the way. Nesting, you might call it :)
First up! Refinishing the rocking chair my mother rocked me and my siblings in.

I can hardly wait!

And just for the record, we still don't know if its a boy or a girl.
You'll never guess what I think it is.

Oh, and Cancun pictures and baby bump pictures to come shortly.
Apparently my body decided the last 3 days were good ones to start showing.
I went from hardly showing at all to a nice full belly in literally 3 days!
And this little one is quite the busy one. Who knew something so little
could kick quite so hard? I feel it ALL day long.
What am I going to do when I'm 8 months pregnant? Pretty sure I'll die.
Ok. I am probably being a little dramatic but I am a little worried...


I haven't been particularly great at taking pictures lately but I was able
to get a few shots of our fun sleepover the other night.

Kenna has been talking about sleeping over for some time and was just
thrilled to stay the night finally! She and Aunt Kinley had so much fun
watching movies, eating food, and playing the Wii.

Kenna absolutely loves her uncle Lance!

We were all eating dinner and looked over to find Kenna doing this.
After asking her what she was doing, she responded, "I'm Ariel".
You'll never guess what movie we were watching :)

I have been taking 3 or more baths a day since I've become pregnant.
Kenna thought she was on cloud nine after I suggested we get in
bathing suits and get in the tub! She especially loved the bubbles and
kept steeling them from Kinley and I.

After our bath, I came out to find Kinley and Kenna cuddled up together
on the love seat, sound asleep. What a fun night! I love my girls!