Monday, May 14

Mother's day & photos

Mother's Day was interesting around here. Crew was up extra early and decided to be extra cranky all day. Despite that, though, I felt very loved by friends and family and enjoyed the opportunity to thank the mothers in my life for all they do for me and my little family.

Lance spoiled me with $50 to spend however I'd like, some beautiful hydrangeas, fix-its around the house, and this cute homemade card made by my boys:

Crew loves daddy's silliness.

Yesterday gave me a chance to think about how the attitude in our culture is becoming more and more individualistic where women are encouraged to pursue their own interests, careers, education, enjoyment, etc long before considering a family. To those women I would say: motherhood is the most rewarding goal you could ever pursue! You just cannot fathom the fulfillment and joy your children will bring to your life. Mommy-hood is certainly not glamorous. It's filled with changing diapers, cleaning up messes, disciplining, laundry and exhaustion. But it is SO worth it! I am humbled and feel blessed beyond measure to be raising my little family and to be called mother :)

As promised, here are pictures of Crew's new bed with his quilt all finished. I love how it turned out and Crew loves it just as much!

It was a bit challenging to figure out where to put everything to make way for the new baby but we figured it out and now we are ready for baby girl to get here!

 This was a fun project I put together using an old frame. I just spray painted it gold, then had this extra matte piece I had laying around cut to fit a print I created on the computer. It adds a little girly touch to the nursery, I think :) Matting a picture is probably the easiest and cheapest way to make it look professional. You can get a 30x40 matte from Hobby Lobby custom cut for under $7! Love it. 

Cute boy is growing up too fast!

We are so excited for baby girl to make her debut!

Monday, May 7

Big boy bed

About a week ago Crew decided he was finished with his crib. I didn't expect this so soon, as he's only 22 months, but he became an absolute expert at getting out and opening the door. We figured if we were going to fight to keep him in his room, we might as well get a bed while we were at it! So the next day we headed to Down East Home and found this darling Pottery Barn bed on clearance.

That same day my mom and I bought fabric and chose a pattern and I'm so excited to have his new quilt almost finished! Lance and I were expecting a battle that first night, and even the first week but much to our surprise he took right to it and, besides a couple days of being sick, he has done incredibly well staying in his bed for nighttime and for naps! When you ask him how he slept each morning, he'll almost gleefully reply, "Sleep in big boy bed!" I'm just happy we'll have a sweet little baby girl to sleep in the crib in another 3 months.

I'll post pictures of his new quilt, and the big boy himself in the next week or so.