Thursday, October 18


Anyone who has had two children (or even one) knows how difficult it can be to see how your body changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy and childbirth are miracles: miracles that leave your body less than perfect when you're all finished.

With my first pregnancy I lost 15 pounds in the beginning from being so sick which helped the weight come off really fast after I had Crew. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight just 10 days after having him! But the composition of my body was very different than it had been before.

Now, after pregnancy and childbirth #2 the story is the same plus an extra 5 pounds. 5 pounds may not seem like much, but even 5 pounds can mean a lot when it's the difference between fitting in all of your jeans or not! We can all relate to that, right?

So! This is where I am-- with a body that seems foreign to me. I'm ready for a change, and I'm ready to fit into all of my designer jeans again :) Here's my plan:

Click here to download the PDF.

The goal section is empty on the PDF so that you can set your own goal.
Who's with me?!

Wednesday, October 17

China & Thailand

Lance is currently in Thailand! He made his first stop in Hong Kong for 3 days, then will be in Thailand until next Sunday. He and another co-worker earned the trip after they hit certain goals last year. The two of them are there with Jared, one of the partners in the business.

It's been interesting being at home alone with the kids, but we are surviving!  

His view from where they eat breakfast.

Lance has been sending us pictures and videos galore-  playing with a monkey, a king cobra snake... I am super jealous he is there without me but his promise to take me back in the next few years makes me feel better :)

Thursday, October 4

Cambridge's Blessing

Cambridge's blessing day was perfect. We had the blessing in the morning,
then had close friends and family over afterward for a brunch.

I love this sweet baby girl more than words!

And this handsome guy too. 
I hope Cambridge has red hair like her big brother :)

Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us!