Saturday, June 23

Father's Day

We kicked off Father's Day for Lance with a massage before his Triathlon from my friend
Latissa, who is a massage therapist. I felt very sneaky planning such a surprise for him and he loved it!
In St. George we made Father's day bags for a craft one day, complete with candy necklaces & bowties.

So thankful for the Fathers in my life! First of all for my own father who is a dear friend of mine and
has taught me to work hard, be industrious, and serve with a willing heart. I am also so grateful to the
wonderful father I gained when I married Lance! He is the most amazing man and I will forever be
grateful for the son he raised so well and for the loving grandfather he is to our Crew guy. And lastly,
I am especially thankful for the Father of my children who exemplifies what it means to be a Father.
I couldn't have chosen a better companion in life and head of our family.

Lance got a brand new tent for Father's Day that he is thrilled about! We are hoping to get in several 
camping trips before this babe arrives. Later in the evening we headed to Grandma and Grandpa 
Walkers for a yummy meal.
4 generations of Walkers! All with the middle name Alan.
We of course had to pick some cherries before we headed out. These trees were loaded!

We finished off the evening at my parent's house with my mom's famous Peach Pie. 
What a wonderful day!

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