Thursday, June 21

St. George 2012

Lance and his family, along with the Millerbergs, have been going to their time share in St. George ever
 since he can remember. They go the exact same week every year and have made so many wonderful
memories there. It's been fun for me to become a part of this yearly tradition and to watch the Walker
family grow to fit into 3 condos now! The first year I attended was my first time meeting all of his 
family and now here were are 4 years later with number two on the way.

The entire St. George group

One of the evenings we had an unbirthday party for all the kids. I think we adults had just as much
fun as the children! It was an absolute blast.
 9 out of Grandma Pat's 13 great-grandchildren. Baby girl will be #14!

The unbirthday party involved lots of fun games, a pinnate and presents for all the kids.

Large and in charge...

The boys were thrilled with their trucks from Grandma Liz!

 Crew got a few swimming lessons from uncle Keaton while we were there. As you can see, 
he was not very excited about it at the beginning...
 But soon decided it wasn't so bad.
 And was thrilled to get a stamp at the end. It's amazing what motivation a stamp can be!

Ha! This picture cracks me up. He is one happy camper with his cookie in one hand and his 
Lightening McQueen in the other. Who could ask for more?

We also had lots of yummy meals, did a kid craft every day, went to Sand Hallow and did lots of 
swimming at the pool. I was also SO excited to get to see Alisa's baby, who was only 3 days old! He
has a head full of black hair and I got to snuggle with him for an entire hour. I felt very blessed
that we could be down in St. George at such a special time in Alisa and Daxton's life. I took a
picture but it didn't work! Congrats to Al & Dax and baby Jens (who was a whopping 9lbs 4oz, btw).

We love our time in St. George and are already looking forward to next year!

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