Monday, July 16

Crew turns 2!

In such a short little while, it seems, our tiny baby has become a little boy...

Happy birthday to our Crew guy who turned two on June 21st!

I am so completely smitten with this little boy. He is an absolute joy to have around and keeps us
laughing every single day at his crazy antics. Life is so rich and full with him as a part of our family.

Some of his cute little sayings I don't want to forget:

"I wuv you so much, mommy!"
"Should we get some fries?" (Mother of the year award, right here. Let's
just say that I've had major cravings for burgers and fries this pregnancy)
Randomly adding tomorrow and though to the end of sentences,
"Gotta go play with my toys, though."  -or-
"I'm going to eat my breakfast, tomorrow."
"Just one and that's all, ok?"

We've been feeling really spoiled with him lately because as he's gotten older he
has become so obedient and "easy" while still being a complete joy to be around.
We still have the occasional tantrum but overall, it's been a breeze to mother
him in the last few months. I'm hoping this is here to stay :)

I just lack the ability to put into words what a joy he is to have around
and I fall more madly in love with him every single day. Sometimes I feel like
no mother has ever had as close a relationship as I have with him (which I 
realize is a silly thought). 

We just love our Crew guy to pieces and feel so blessed to have him in our lives!


Lindsey & Tony said...

So cute! I can't believe he is two...

David and Brittany said...

Happy Birthday to Crew!!! You are the cutest Chrissy, and Crew is to die for, absolutely ADORABLE! I can't believe he is two already, time is flying. Speaking of time, baby girl is almost here!!!! AHHH, SO EXCITED. :)

Merrells said...

Oh what a character that little Crew-guy is!