Wednesday, June 6

Kennecott & dancing

We have been up to an awful lot lately but with my camera still broken pictures have been sadly lacking. Luckily Melissa got pictures at two events, so I'll share even if it's just a fraction of what we've been doing in the last month.

Our little Kenna girl had a dance recital and it was so fun watching her perform. She is very purposeful in her moves and would hit them right on the beat, which tended to be just before the other little girls who couldn't get it quite right.

I haven't taken any belly pictures since the first one- but as you can see here I'm getting much larger! 

Crew and Avie had a blast bouncing on grandma and grandpa's laps and dancing all around.

My cute little nieces! Love these two so much.

On Memorial day, the Merrell clan packed up and headed to Kennecott Copper mine for a little tour and education on Copper mining. It's been since 4th grade that I've been there and it was very fun to go back! Crew loved the huge trucks- he is definitely a truck/tractor/motorcycle/anything-that-runs kinda kid.

It was fun having everyone there and we finished off with a BBQ back at home. Yum :)

Other activities we've been up to:
  • A quick trip to St. George with Lance's parents
  • Several little family outings to the park, up the canyon and to uncle Austin and aunt Kitsy's farm where they have turkeys, chickens, cows and little pigmy goats! Crew is in heaven there.
  • A weekend getaway in Wolf Creek with our friends Levi & Andy
  • Lance has been training for a triathlon this weekend, then we'll be heading to St. George for a week at the Walker family condo and a camping trip with all our St. George friends. I can't wait!

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David and Brittany said...

You look adorable Chrissy!! Sounds like you guys are having a blast! I love how Lance towers over ever one in all the family pictures, reminds me of Skippy! tehehe. Love you guys!!