Thursday, June 7

Crew guy

We had an early 2 year check-up for Crew yesterday so I thought I would share a little
about him and how he is growing:

  • He is now 35th percentile in weight and 43rd percentile in height. His muscles are long and lean like his daddy and he has thinned way out. His skinny little legs and body fit in 18 month clothes, but they are too short on him so I've had to be a little creative with his clothes. 
  • His language has exploded again (I feel like I am always saying this, but it's true!) and he is experimenting a lot with more abstract concepts like "behind you", "tomorrow", and "crazy". He is also properly using "you" and "me" which is so fun to see! He regularly says "please" and "thank you" without cuing and will pull out 5 and 6 word sentences every day.
  • Crew is extremely social and woos the ladies everywhere we go. He definitely knows how to turn on the charm and will work hard to get the attention of any woman. He'll sit and chat with them and work in the smiles and flirting. It's pretty dang hilarious. 
  • Crew is the apple of his grandparents' and aunts' and uncles' eye. He adores each and every one of them and they adore him. He is very affectionate and lots of hugs and kisses are a regular part of our day.
  • Now, lest you think Crew is an easy child, let me assure you he is not. With all this independence and intelligence has come a very strong-willed, defiant child. Some days I feel exhausted from all of the energy it takes to keep him in line. He has very strong opinions and is not easily swayed. I'm thrilled he can now be reasoned with and I spend a lot of time every day trying to explain the reasoning behind every single thing I want him to do. I'm tired just thinking about it!
  • Crew is my absolute sunshine. His temperament is very cheerful and energetic and I love having him as my little sidekick every single day. We have a very special, close and silly relationship. At the end of the day, I really wouldn't trade a single thing about him. He is going to be the best big brother to all of our children!

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Cali said...

Chrissy I just caught up on the last months worth of your posts! Crew is so big and so adorable! I hope we can see you guys when we come out this summer!