Wednesday, May 11

{Poor Baby}

This is what we've been dealing with for the last two days- and last night, I might add.
And it's gotten progressively worse. 
Doc says there's nothing to do but wait it out. 
Poor little guy. And the pictures make it look half as bad as it is!
But you can see he is trying to be a good sport about it. 
The worst part is seeing him in pain and miserable and being unable to take it away.
Get well soon our little Crew guy!


Rob and Ash said...

What does he have?? Measles?

The Walkers said...

No, the doctor said it is just a virus that's been going around. The rash is just a byproduct of it.

Jeni said...

This is so sad! It makes my whole body itch just looking at it! What is it from?
It's a testament to his cuteness that he can look darling even covered in spots. :)

White Out said...

Oh No poor thing!! What was it? Roseolla or something?! Not fun at all!!

Shannon said...

What is it from? That is So sad! I can't imagine how bad it must be in person, stuff like that usually doesn't show up much in pictures. Poor guy! Hope he gets better soon!!!