Thursday, January 13

{life is good}

I've cleaned both bathrooms, scrubbed the shower, washed and folded 4 loads of laundry, vacuumed, swept, done the dishes, packed for mine and Crew's trip to Denver (tomorrow!), and now I have a sleeping baby and am eating a delicious warm brownie while I blog (sigh of contentment).

I promise I'm not always this productive- but I do try.

Anyways...this post is going to be a random one :)
First, here are pictures of our kitchen table which Lance and I painted not too long ago.

I LOVE it! How did I choose light blue/turquoise? Well, it's just the color
we happened to have left over from painting Crew's room. I love transforming
something by using things I already have.

Here is the cute little shelf that used to hang in my room. I painted it white and now it is the 
perfect place for Crew's books and blankies (and someday for his little backpack)

Second random subject: I made a new year's resolution to read 12 books this year. I have always
loved reading and did a lot more before I was in college but haven't very much since. Well, 
I got right on it and started reading a new book New Year's day. I'm now starting into my 3rd book for the year. I forgot how much I love it!

The first one I read was 

I wasn't very impressed. Very good writing but pure entertainment.
However, I just finished reading Jane Eyre.

And I absolutely loved it! I love books that stimulate your mind. Charlotte Bronte's use
of language is so beautiful! And it wasn't only entertaining, but had so many wonderful
life-lessons as well. I would definitely recommend it. And isn't this portrait of the author gorgeous?
I want to print it, frame it and put it up somewhere.

I'm now reading The Life of Christ by Fredrick Farrer and I can tell it's going to be fantastic.
As for the other 9 I need to read this year, I need some suggestions! What have you been reading?

Third random subject: you may already know that I am a complete sucker for design blogs. One of my 
favorites, Simply Seleta, posts "Wednesday Whites" that are to die for! Here are two from this last week

I would just die to have Crew's room look like this! I am definitely doing the horizontal
stripes when we get a house.

And lastly: Look who got two new teeth! 

He's also figuring out how to crawl. He does this cute little army/inch worm thing. 
He also recently decided that Daddy is his favorite person in the world. Lance works long hard days
and when he gets home,  Crew gets so excited. With me, Crew is not happy unless we
are doing something exciting or out of the ordinary. With Lance, he is happy to just
be on his lap doing nothing! It's so cute. I love my boys!


Emy Jason and Boston said...

yay i just posted on your other one! i love the design blogs you have on your blog! and that table looks adorable! you did such a good job... and yes i am loving those subtle stripes!

Lindsey & Tony said...

All of your projects are inspiring! I also have a similar New Years Resolution except mine is only 10 books. I am reading the Hunger Games right now and I love it. From what people say it is pretty violent but I guess my imagination isn't very good because I don't picture it that way in my head. Anyways, great book so far. Hope to see you again soon and Crew is soooo cute!

gardnerfamily said...

Crew is looking SO much like Lance's baby pictures!! I started reading and have almost finished two books now. I read "These is My Words" and "The Help" They are both great. "The Help" I got on Audible.

Merrells said...

Two teeth? He's going to pass up Avie! Ha ha!

Just 2 Snowballs said...

Hey! I cleaned all of our bathrooms and stuff the same day as you. We must have been together in thought.:)

Latissa Marie Graham, L.M.T said...

I'm reading John Grisham's The Appeal, and so far it is addicting. Keeps you on your toes!

Janeal said...

Cute! Can you please give me some of your ambition so I can get more craft projects done?
Also, one of my favorite books is The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman. I cry every time I read it. Everyone I've suggested it to loves it. (But then again, I don't really know what your book style is, so you may hate it!)

Cara Grenny said...

I love your kitchen table! And I absolutely loved Jane Eyre too!!! Sooo good!