Thursday, November 11


It's been so fun to stay at home with Crew all day.
I love keeping up on the laundry and dishes and meals.
I know. It sounds funny but it's true! 
(minus the getting spit-up/peed/pooped on several times a day)

Along with all of my mommy duties, I have had a chance to work on some fun projects as well.

First is this huge magnetic chalk board. I really wanted a big one so I found a place online,
ordered the magnetic chalk board in the largest size it would come and then found
a frame to fit it on KSL. The guy was selling 2 gold-leaf frames, each at $75. SCORE! 
I feel like I stole the frames from him. These would retail at over $300 each. 

It's almost as tall as me!

Next, I have had fun decorating our apartment. We got a new rug from Ikea that is 
so soft and nice and a few other accessories. 

We needed an ottoman but I didn't want to buy one so instead I turned our old coffee table
into one. I just painted the base, wrapped it in foam, then fabric and used upholstery tacks to finish it off.
I think it turned out pretty dang cute for $13 bucks! And it's been really nice to put our feet up.
You can also see the side table I scored for $15 at DI and just painted the top white.

 I just love making our house feel like a home.

In other news, look at this adorable baby!
He is so stinkin cute in his little pea coat.

He has been sleeping GREAT at night- regularly going at least 8 hours.
It's the day time when he gives us a run for our money. I think the poor little
guy is just bored all the time. He is very social and is happy as long as there
is someone paying attention to him or something exciting happening to entertain
him. Otherwise, he will just sit and fuss. AH! I'm going out of my mind and
am fresh out of ideas to keep him occupied.

Do any of you moms out there have any ideas to keep the little guy busy?


Lindsay said...

Oh Chrissy I wish I could hire you to decorate my home and take pictures of my family and frame them all and do everything else too! :) You are so very talented. I love looking at your blog, not just because of your beautiful pictures in every post, but cuz you are so sweet and awesome. I'm glad you are loving being a mom so much--it is wonderful isn't it. Crew is so dang cute I can't stand it! I don't really have any advice. It's hard at that stage until their bodies catch up to their minds. They want to get around and explore but they don't know how yet and it's tricky for a while. Maybe just keep finding "new" toys for him. Random household objects usually work the best, (kitchen utensils??) old cell phones, etc. Good luck!

p.s. I hope your mom is doing well!

us said...

That's EXACTLY how Race was! He just liked being up and seeing everything that was going on. The only thing that worked, and only sometimes, was when we got one of those baby chairs that teaches them to sit and I'd put it up on the table so he could see what was happening. Other than that, he'd only be happy if I carried him around in my arms of a front pack all day. You'll be one of those few mom's that welcomes crawling so he can entertain himself. It's a very good day when they figure that out. :)

Jessica said...

Hey Chrissy, you don't know me. . .I am Kirstin's sis-in-law--Bruce's little sister. Your baby is ADORABLE and your creative talents are AWESOME!! I have a little guy just a week or two older than Crew. The Bumbo works great for him. He loves to sit up. It makes him feel part of the action. The best cure though is siblings!! :) I've got three boys three and under and they are all starting to entertain each other. It's been rough at times but it's really starting to pay off!

I love reading about how much you LOVE being a mommy and wife! That's the way our Heavenly Father planned it. I wish more women felt that way.

Latissa Marie Graham, L.M.T said...

Hey Chrissy!You are so creative and I love it! I wanna be more like you :) And your baby IS adorable! Anyway, Carson is the same way, and I have found that if I move him from the swing to the jumper to the bouncer to the play gym and to the floor with multiple toys every 10-15 minutes, he does really well. Then taking time to read to him and play games and sing to him he really is happy. Change is key!

Lanie said...

I love the board and the ottoman! They look SO good in your house which is so cute by the way!

White Out said...

Hey Chrissy, So do you guys have a jumper!? We have one for our little man and he LOVES it!! It lights up and plays music, and he will jump and play. He will lay on the ground sometimes, but really he wants to be more independent but be able to see whats goin on. Its been soo fun to watch him in it! I totally recommend it!! Your house is beautiful too. I love making it feel like a home!!

The Walkers said...

Thanks for all the comments and great suggestions! We have a bouncer, a bumbo, a saucer (where he can stand up and spin around), and toys that hang so he can play while he lays down. I switch him from one to the other frequently but he just still gets bored! I try to switch it up everyday with books, songs, bath time, walks and playing with other family members but it's really the evening time that gets tough. ESPECIALLY when I'm making dinner. But I think I figured out that the biggest problem are his naps... he usually wont nap for longer than 45 minutes. So we are working on that! :) And I am SO looking forward to crawling...

Amy, Ryan and Baby K said...

Chrissy! Your house is so cute! Great job, you are so talented. My little guy was the same way. He got more content the more he could move. When he started crawling around six months he and I were soo happy. The only thing that would really capture his attention was one of those play centers where they stand in the middle. That would give me a good half hour or so of time. :)Your little boy is such a doll.

CAMI said...

Hey beautiful woman!! This is Cami, just like everyone else said changing it up is the best, dinner was a challenge.....something that worked great for me was the baby einstein DVD's. I felt okay about it because I didn't abuse it, they play classical music, and have lots of cool and new things for them to look at. Good Luck! Crew is such a cute, squishy, beautiful chunk of LOVE!! Your house is GORGEOUS, How does it feel to be so talented?! I love it and I love my pictures, Thank you! You are the best!!

Cara Grenny said...

You are so creative! I love how cute you have made your place! And Crew is dang adorable!!

Corey and Amy said...

so cute! i love how big the prints are that you made of your cute little family. I wish I could have an eye for decorating like you! :)