Tuesday, May 10

Anthro-inspired duvet

I am in love with Anthropologie. IN LOVE. The funky style, the bright colors mixed with lots of whites, the world-traveler feel... it's all my favorite. But everything is super expensive. And while Lance really gives me free reign to buy whatever I want, I have a hard time spending $300 + on a duvet cover and pillows. So instead, I decided to make our own! And I am so pleased with how it turned out.

Our room is still a work in progress (we are in the middle of painting our night stands and making
a new headboard) but I am in love with the simpleness of the the duvet and pillows.

I first bought the duvet off of overstock. $20 is well worth the fabric and time it would
have taken me to get that far. Then I purchased white cotton at Hobby Lobby, cut it into
6 inch strips that were 3x the length of the sides, surged around the edges, did a basting
stitch around the edges, gathered, then stitched it around the outside of the duvet. So easy!

For the pillows, I first stitched the ruffles on the front piece, then added two overlapping pieces
of fabric on the back. That way you don't have to deal with zippers.

I will update again once our night stands and headboard are finished.
There were several of you who expressed interest in making your own Anthro-inspired duvets. 
I could probably tell you how to make any of the gathered ones even though this one is much
 more simple.

Do you want more detailed instructions?


Danielle and Preston said...

Chris you're so crafty and talented! Instead of you giving me instructions, how about i just pay you to make me one! ha ha sound good?? ;) i love anthropology too!

Merrells said...

Fabulous! I love it! Can't wait to see the rest of the transformation.

Two Roads Diverged... said...

It looks so fluffy! I love the white! I can't wait to see the headboard with it! love you