Saturday, May 7

{St. George}

Lance's dad and uncle Mont are on the board for the time share both families own in St. George.
Every year they have a board meeting which means a fun week vacation in sunny St. George!

Our week's activities included swimming, a trip to the Tuachan market, walks, crafts, shopping, 
visiting with friends, watching movies, lots of just laying around, running, Lance and his dad went 
on a long bike ride and TONS of great food!

We had everyone but Madsen and Bruce this year-- even Kirstin was able to make it with her kids. 
It was so fun to see these boys together again. They have both grown up so much.


Everything was fine in the bath till Lance did his monkey noise and scared Marcus.

We had a BBQ with all us girls and our husbands. I LOVE these girls! 
They are the best of friends a girl could ask for and they spoil me.

See Whit's cute little belly? I am so excited for their little boy on the way.

The guys won in the game of Cranium. The wives decided it would be fun to get a picture
of them all together. They decided to comply, but only on their terms.


My favorite was our BBQ outside with Salmon and grilled veggies- my favorite meal!

We also spent a lot of time barefoot

Crew found a toy

....or a tasty treat....

Daddy had to intervene

This little one was pretty much in heaven with all the time spent outside with daddy.

playin with grandpa.


 An afternoon walk

Ridin double

These boys were loving the slides.

Swim time!

Jennica and adorable Abby came over to play. I couldn't
get enough of this sweet baby! She is so adorable and looks just like her
mommy and daddy. Alisa joined us later.

This turned out a little blurry but all 3 boys are less than 2 months apart.

These beautiful roses lined the walkways between condos. I was in heaven every time I walked past them!

We had a wonderful time in St. George. It's always a little sad to pack up and head out but
luckily, we will back down for an entire week in a month! Yay for vacations :)


Merrells said...

Looks like an awesome trip! I'm way jealous right now!!! :) I think my favorite pic is Marcus scared of the Lance's monkey. Too funny.

Lindsey & Tony said...

It was soooo fun to see you! Thanks for always making an effort to see us when you come down! Can't wait to see you next month!