Saturday, May 29

{Our cowgirl}

Kinley has been in horseback riding lessons for almost 2 years now. Last night she had a horse show and we had the whole family there (minus Melissa).

Sweet little Avi. She and Kenna are so much fun! Our little guy is going to be so blessed to have such a great family and some adorable cousins. 

Me and my baby girl Dawn.

What a cute family :) I am so happy we get to stay nearby now!

Avonlea was being so funny! She loves giving Eskimo kisses and didn't want to stop. 

Feeling grandpa's head

Kinley on her horse, Wrangler. She is a regular cowgirl!

Look who took FIRST PLACE! We are so proud of our Kinley girl.

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Courtney said...

Congrats Kinley! Way to go girl!:)