Tuesday, March 29


Please excuse me while I get a little personal. I have had many many deep thoughts as of late. I explore the real meaning of life, how to find true happiness, wonder how I can truly become the person I want to be, think of the many relationships in my life and what they mean to me. I rarely get very far in figuring it all out. What I do happen to realize each time, though, is that I am truly, authentically happy. Happy with my incredible husband, adorable little baby and our simple lives. And each time I come to this conclusion in my mind, I dedicate myself anew to trying just a little harder to making those whom I love a little more happy. The interesting thing is, it's at this point that my flaws and mistakes are the most obvious to me. It's like I can see them all through a magnifying glass, but instead of feeling upset about it I just feel motivated to improve.

It's at these times that I am very thankful for new beginnings; new days, new weeks, new seasons, new friendships... to try just a little harder.

I'm also very thankful Spring is in the air. These little darlings are popping up in the flower beds outside my door. Never 
mind that they're weeds, they're still evidence that Spring is near! I tell you, we are getting Spring fever around here. 

AND, this is completely unrelated but I just had to share a pic of my naked little man.

 Don't you just want to squeeze his little tush? 


Josh 'n Jenn said...

as a matter of fact, i do want to squeeze that little tush!

Danielle and Preston said...

naked little bums are my favorite!!

Merrells said...

It's very admirable to acknowledge ones own flaws and work on fixing them. I think you have a great attitude and what a perfect metaphor with spring! Also, I LOVE that little bum! He's just too cute!