Friday, April 1


Spring is finally here! The last couple of days have been gorgeous and despite feeling sick (we have been sick for a LONG time, like 3 weeks long) we went outside to enjoy the sunshine. It's really the first time Crew has been able to explore in the warm weather, and he was loving it!

I recently found a photography blog that I can't get enough of. She is so talented and frequently shares tips on how to get good pictures of your children. I would definitely recommend her site if you have a DSLR (Emy, Jenn, Melissa, Kirstin), or even if you don't. She is linked in the sidebar under "favorites" as Ashley Ann Photography.

Anyways, after reading some of her tips, I was anxious to try them on my willing subject, Crew. So while he was having a ball exploring the yard, I was snapping away (and occasionally pulling things out of his mouth :).

All of these are straight out of the camera, no editing. I didn't even edit the color!

There's nothing like the summer grass.

Went straight for the dirt.

And the dirt went straight in his mouth.

Next was saying hello to the chickens

This tin can was pretty fun too.

Simple joys.


Jason McIntyre said...

hey girlie! these are great! i love her site too it is fantastic! i got my lens and i am in heaven! i chose the 1.4d even without knowing my camera very well, the pics are perfect! i love your other post too and crews booty! i am sorry you have been sick thats the worst, i can relate, like all winter long! haha, i love you guys!

Shannon said...

Cute pics crew is such a cute!!! I just got a new camera. I got an Olympus pen. It a compact dslr. I'll have to check out the site, thanks for sharing!

Amy @ Flowery Fashion said...

He's adorable! I'm in love with my Nikon, it's amazing the quality of pictures you can get if you know how to operate it! ;)

Janeal said...

Those are some awesome pictures! And no editing, huh? We got a DSLR when I was first pregnant, so thanks for that blog recommendation. I want to take good pictures of my baby like you!