Friday, March 4


Look at this sweet baby.
Our good friends Joe & Camille were delighted to have him arrive safe and sound 2 weeks ago.

And I was delighted to meet him, cuddle with him and take some pictures of him.

 He's a Y fan already!

So comfortable with mommy.

He is the exact size Crew was when he was born.
See the fiendish look on Crew's face? He tried to bite the baby whenever he came near!

Crew wasn't very happy about the attention mommy was giving to Maxwell.

I also designed this baby announcement for them.

Oh and p.s. to any friends and family reading this blog...
the offer stands for you too! I would love to take pictures and
design announcements for your newborns as well.


us said...

You're are so talented no matter what it is you're doing! Seriously, you amaze me!

Jason & Shannon said...

The announcement is gorgeous! Great job on the pics, they're great!

Merrells said...

Love the announcement! Such a cute little guy. (And I had to laugh at Crew's face...little stinker!)

Amy @ Flowery Fashion said...

Aww- adorable! Great pics, and eeek, he wanted to bite the baby?! Wonder what was going on in his little head? lol!