Wednesday, March 9


My brother Jake and his wife Melissa try to do a weekly hike with their little family during the summer 
months. Lance and I love the idea so we decided to jump on board! This last Saturday was so beautiful, 
we just couldn't pass up the chance to hike the "Y". The weather was gorgeous, just the right 
temperature for a hike. And it couldn't have been timelier, what with the nasty last few days we've had.

One of us was just a little too tuckered out to make it to the top.

Almost there! Despite the snow, it was really warm.

Gorgeous view!

It was so nice to get out! It makes me even more excited for summer.

That evening, Lance and I decided to make a dessert. 

The cover there is what it was supposed to look like! Hahaha! 
We probably wont be making this German treat ever again.

Cake, anyone?!


Merrells said...

Ha ha! Oh, how I love Crew. Those pics are great. We've been really bad about keeping up with our hiking this last year but are going to pick it up again this spring. Maybe we can combine for some crazy hiking fun?

PS And yes, I'll take cake anytime!

Metro Moments and other happenings said...

Chrissy! What a fun day. You are so great. I love having a way to be updated on your life.

Karina Powell said...

oh my gosh! i didn't know you had a blog! sooo cute! i'm totally following! your son is so darling! it makes me want a baby!:) you guys look so good and you are just as tiny and cute as ever! miss you guys!!!