Friday, March 18

{A day at the park}

Kenna came to play last week. We always love it when she comes to play, Crew absolutely loves his 
cousins! We had such beautiful weather, we decided to go to the park!

Kenna wanted her picture taken doing EVERYTHING. 

She even crossed her legs on the swing for me to take a picture. :)

Crew loved swinging as well.

Crew just loved the taste of the wood chips, grass and leaves.

Looking at the ducks.

I love this picture! Kenna is so sweet with Crew and he is turning to give her kisses.
His tummy rolls help too...

Here's to a full summer's worth of days at the park!

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Merrells said...

Fun pictures! I'm so excited for a spring photo shoot! She certainly loves you guys too and I just had to roll my eyes at her crossing her legs...what a poser! She's too funny.