Friday, February 25

{my little buddy}

Crew's development has absolutely exploded in the last 2 weeks! 

It's incredible how quickly he will figure something out and never look back.
His recent favorites:
trying new words- his latest are banana ("bahmama") and duck ("duh!")
singing (any song will do)
bath time and his rubber ducky
pulling himself up on furniture and in the bath
eating anything and everything we give him

What can I say? I am completely smitten by this sweet sweet baby. Lance and I both are.
I know that I'm the mommy but he has really become my best little bud.
We do everything together, he and I. We have our own little inside jokes, 
we are super silly together, and we just plain enjoy being together. And the
favorite part of both of our days? When daddy gets home!!

 We did a mini 10-minute photo shoot on the porch this morning to get some 8-month shots.
Thanks for your help Dawn!

Love his striped cardi and plaid pants.

Playing peek-a-boo, his favorite game.

Being silly.

His two bottom teeth are my favorite. He just got 4 new teeth on top and has 2 more coming 
in on the bottom. He's really good at growing teeth. Hair? Not so much.

We sure love you, our handsome little redhead. 


Amy said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog, but your son is adorable, and so are you! :) Loving his 2 little bottom teeth, adorable!

Janeal said...

He is SO CUTE. I love the elbow pads on his sweater.