Thursday, February 10


Tonight was our last swimming lesson for Crew. Even though it was a huge hassle to go 
(try to get a 7-month-old and yourself ready to swim and dressed afterwards, then outside into the 
freezing cold) I am really sad they're over. Crew gets so antsy being stuck inside all day- 
and I don't blame him. So even though there were usually some kind of tears involved, 
he was so happy to get out and do something active.

Cheesin it for the camera :)
I feel like he doesn't look anything like me...

Look at the adorable suit that grandpa Walker got for him!

Getting his all-time-favorite - the rubber ducky!

Got it!

McKenzie, Ady (12 months), Me and Crew 
(Try to ignore the weird look from Crew :)

McKenzie and I have grown up together so it was really fun to be in a swimming 
class together with our kids! Thanks for the invite! 

The only question is, what do I do now to keep him busy?


Merrells said...

What a little character he is! (And sorry Chrissy, your genes lost to Lance, I think. Better luck next time!)

Josh 'n Jenn said...

speaking of genes... you look just like your mom in that first picture i think! cute...