Saturday, May 29


Congratulations to Kirstin, Bruce & Savannah for the new little addition to their family! Yesterday, Kirstin gave birth to a little baby boy; 8 pounds, 13 ounces with a lot of dark hair. We couldn't be happier for you and are excited that our little man will have a cousin so close to his age!

Speaking of our little man, he has given us quite a run for our money. Lance left early Wednesday morning for regionals in Austin, Texas and wont be back till Sunday morning. I went and got checked at my OB's wednesday morning and found out that I am already progressing! That's great news but worried me a little with Lance so far away till Sunday. Wednesday I was having pretty regular and strong contractions for most of the afternoon and evening. Then, I woke up at 3:30 in the morning with some serious cramping and more contractions. I thought, "Here we go!" and was preparing myself for labor without Lance but the contractions lasted for 2 hours and then stopped. I have been trying to take it easy just to make sure this baby doesn't come with Lance gone. Luckily Lance is getting back early tomorrow morning and then this little guy can come anytime!

I actually really enjoy the contractions. Weird, I know, but each one is a step closer to holding my baby in my arms! We are thinking this little guy will be here within the week but you just never know :)


Bradley said...

That is exciting that you are so close! I am happy for you guys!

jordan and maci said...

great to see you today! and we saw your swim kids sign on the freeway and i thought of you:)

McKenzie said...

My goodness! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!