Tuesday, May 18


Remember the post where I said we were moving to this beautiful city?

Just kidding! I guess kidding is not the right word. When I wrote that post, we had full intentions of packing up all our belongings and relocating to Madison at the end of July, just 6 short weeks after our little one is due to make his debut. But life has a funny way of changing... sometimes in a heartbeat :) While we were thrilled for the adventure of moving to a new city and working for a big company, other opportunities have just become too tempting to pass up.

What will we be doing then, you ask? Well, many of you know about the company Lance's mom owns and runs out of Salt Lake. It's called SwimKids and they specialize in teaching children as young as 6 months old survival and swimming skills. The program is incredible and so different from almost all other swimming programs. She recently purchased a facility in the Salt Lake area and is looking forward to continued growth in her company. 

After doing a little research about running our own program in the Provo/Orem area this summer, the year-round and long-term opportunity of running and owning our own business seemed just too good to pass up! While working for a big company and having the security of a salary every month may be what most couples search and long for, Lance and I both dream of the excitement and opportunity of starting and running our own businesses. We have the entrepreneurial bug, you may say :)

We are so excited for this new adventure in our lives! And so happy to be staying close to friends and family, especially with baby Walker on his way.


Merrells said...

And we're so happy that we get you guys and baby Crew be close by too!

Cali Haynie Rutter said...

Well that is big news!! How exciting!! By the way your Baby ticker on the side says "29 Days" HOLY COW!!
That's so soon! I'm so excited for you! You better let us know the day the baby comes so we can come visit you!

Brooke and Ryan Naylor said...

Chrissy, I'm so excited for you to have your baby. It's such a wonderful thing to have them here. It's the pure essence of life. I'll be thinking about you everyday as the due date gets closer!