Thursday, May 20

{My Track Star}

I am SO stinking proud of Lance and his hard work this year on the BYU track team. He has been so dedicated to working hard and improving his times. And just this last week, he qualified for Regionals! So it's off to Texas this next week to compete for a spot at Nationals. Unfortunately, flying is out of the question for me with only 4 weeks to go. I will just have to cheer him on from home! (And hope with ALL my might that this baby doesn't come the 5 days he is gone)

Here Lance is with his dad Scott and little sister Trisha

Mmmm.... look at that tight butt! :) Lance warming up at the blocks. I always get so nervous for him right about now!

Way to go babe!

Jake, Kenna, Melissa and Avi out to watch Lance run. Kenna LOVED watching the races and kept asking all sorts of questions. First she asked, "Why is he jogging?" and I told her it was to loosen his muscles. She then asked, "Why are his muscles hard?" I love my Kenna girl. 



Merrells said...

Umm...what am I doing exactly? Seriously.

Courtney said...

That is awesome! Good luck LANCE!

McKenzie said...

That's great! Congrats and good luck--I know that crazy nervous feeling about flying! I had to fly less than a month before Adi was born! I can't wait to hear about your baby!