Saturday, March 20

{baby shower}

Today was my baby shower :) I have been so stinkin excited for it and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out! It was PERFECT. Thank you to everyone who came to share in our excitement :) We had a fantastic turn-out (I'm sad I didn't get a group shot) and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. My best friends Alisa, Jennica, Whitney & Amanda threw it for me. These girls are seriously amazing! 3 of them even drove clear up from St. George for the shower. How did I get so lucky?!

The theme was "nesting" and little birdies as you can see. So stinkin cute!

These little eggs were filled with questions like "What are you most excited about being a mommy?" and "What is your most embarrassing pregnant moment?" Answering those was one of my favorite parts of the shower! Also, every guest was to guess my waste size with ribbon as they arrived. Most were surprisingly close :)

Look at all that amazing food! Mmmm. 

I just had to Court! :)

Macy & Rashelle from my ward.

The girls! I love my family so much. Kayshia and Kinley have grown up and I can't believe how big Kenna and Avonlea already are. PS... I swear my tummy is real. It looks like I stuffed a ball in my shirt in this pic :) hehe.

All the St. George girls: Jenn, Al, Whitt, me, Manda, and Cher
Notice how my belly button is now a perma-outy. Uh huh. 

Trishy (isn't she GORGEOUS?) and grandma Pat. I love you!

Liz, me, Trishy & grandma Pat
I loved having you there!

Oh yeah. We are looking sexy in this one Court...

Erin & Cali; I love you girls!

High School flashback; Kaylynn, Tessa's darling little McCoy, Tessa, Karlee. So good to see you!

Is this not the cutest little bird?

Oh my goodness... I   {LOVE} these girls so much! Thank you for throwing me the perfect baby shower. And thank you to everyone who came, who gave me fantastic gifts, and who are such great friends and supports through everything.

Thank you Linds for taking group pics. Thanks to Shannon, Kellie, Rachel, Melissa Garrett and Lindsey for being there; I didn't get pictures with you :(


Shannon said...

it was so fun! and you'll have to post pictures of the cute quilt your mom made. I want to look at it again. Is that weird? I am kinda obsessed with quilts and that one was SO dang cute

Merrells said...

It was really a cute theme and so well done. Lots of fun stuff too! Your little guy will be here and using all of it before you know it!

Our Story said...

hwo cute!!! what a fun day so sorry i missed it!! some stuff came up. BUTTT Camille and I have a gift for you!!! so don't freight ;) hope to see you soon!!!