Tuesday, April 6


the pants are getting tighter
the scale is rising
the toenails are getting harder to paint
the shoes are getting really hard to put on
the girls are getting bigger everyday :)
the bed is getting smaller
the little guy inside of me is kicking, kicking all day long
the dishes are getting harder to do
the laundry is getting harder to do
the inny is now an outy
the tummy is tight from all the stretching
the love for this little one is growing
the list of baby to-dos is getting smaller
the excitement and anticipation are growing

Thank goodness for spring, slip on shoes, sun dresses, graduating in less than a month, only 10 weeks to go, a wonderful husband who helps me in every way he can, and a healthy little man who is growing inside of me :)

Yup. I'm pretty blessed.


ChloƩ said...

awww! such a cute post! you guys are going to be such great parents!

Shannon said...

thats so cute! The last few months sure are crazy. Exciting, uncomfortable, so many changes. And you said thank goodness for spring? Have you moved or just not looked outside. Pretty sure winter returned! (if you can't tell I'm pretty upset about that one) But I'm so excited for you Chrissy you will be such a great mom. It's what you were born to do, you can just tell you are so great with babies, and with your own you will be AMAZING! Love you!

Travis & Liz said...

Chrissy you are the cutest!!!