Friday, March 5

{photo shoots}

I've posted a few pictures from my two most recent photo shoots.

Check them out here.


alyssa said...

Hey Chrissy, I'm sure you don't remember me, but I was in your seminary class for that little time when you went to Chaparral High School :) I came across your blog through Kelli's and knew you looked familiar! Congratulations on the little boy!!

Also, I love your photography (I got my first DSLR last April when I graduated from BYU and love it)and I think it's totally awesome that you make your own frames! Our blog is private and it's nothing special, but if you'd like to see it just send me your e-mail address and I'll add you!

Tessa and Jeff said...

Chrissy seriously?? You are the most adorable person EVER! I love your pregnancy pics, and congrats on a baby boy! They are SO much fun! And can I just agree with you 1000% on the bedding issue!? I am NOT a "character" person either and that's pretty much all there is out there! Finally we did find one we liked that had no characters, since I'm not a sewing person :)
Anyhow, I can't believe you guys are moving to Wisconsin!! Wow! What an adventure with a new little one. And yay for Lance and graduating, that's awesome! Jeff will be graduating this fall or next spring and we are SO excited; however after that we do have 3 more years of PT school :)
Well, I have so much more I want to talk to you about and hopefully I can see you before your shower so we can talk, since I know you'll have a billion people there :) If not, I'm so excited to see you! Love ya!
PS, don't you think it's crazy that we are all having kids? Me, you, Karlie, Miranda; and I'm sure many more I don't even know about! CRAZY!