Tuesday, March 9


For those of you who have been/are pregnant, this post may be a little boring to you. To everyone else; here are all the things I didn't know about pregnancy before becoming pregnant...

  • It doesn't feel good. :) I always would see pregnant women and think, "Aww!" and now I think, "I feel your pain." Funny but SO true. It feels just how it looks; bloated and big. Even when I'm feeling well, pregnancy is a sacrifice.
  • That my body would change SO much. It truly is incredible to see your midsection swell to enormous proportions. Lance and I are amazed at how the human body can do it and then return to normalcy afterward. I have always been amazed at this but way more so now that it is happening to my body.
  • How much I would miss my flat tummy! lol
  • Morning sickness really isn't in the morning at all. It can be, but for me its either all day or in the evenings.
  • That pregnancy also comes with a list of not-so-fun symptoms including, but not limited to: constipation, very tender breasts, an achy back, peeing all the time (I knew that one), needing to eat every 30 minutes, prenatals can make you even more sick, crying for NO reason at all, dreams about Lance dying, feeling very tired, being unable to sleep on your stomach or back, etc.
  • That every single woman I talked to who has been pregnant would instantly jump into tips and tricks to avoid/help morning sickness (they were just trying to be helpful but it got old really fast).
  • That we would be able to interact with him even while he's still inside.
  • How incredibly much I would love this little guy inside of me already.
  • That I would be able to tell so many things about his personality already.
  • How awe inspiring and spiritual the first ultrasound would be.
  • How, when contemplating all the sacrifices Lance and I are going to have to make in having a little baby, it so doesn't even matter. It is already completely worth it! (Never thought I would say that after my crazy sickness the first 4 months :)
  • That it would bring Lance and I so much closer together.
  • That I would feel guilty for being able to experience this (even the downs) while there are so many out there who haven't been able to yet.
  • And most importantly, I've learned that the Lord's timing is so much better than our own.


jenimur said...

It is the most amazing miracle we are given as women! I will cherish all my life that I too got to experience all that you listed! Love ya! Can't wait to meet this little one!

georganne said...

Just wait until all those people with morning sickness advice start telling you about every horror story they've ever heard about labor and delivery. Like you said, I think they mean well...

K8yerM8 said...

You will probably have to add one more thing to your list when he is born and that is how incredible the experience is when he is just barely born and placed on your now flatter tummy. To be a part of that sweet miracle is even more incredible. Just wait! :)

Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

I started reading this thinking, well she just talked me about of wanting a baby right now. As I kept reading, it made me want one so bad so I can experience everything for myself. Good luck in the coming months chrissy, you are adorable!

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Amen Chrissy, Amen

Lindsay said...

Yes it is all pretty incredible isn't it? Good and bad, but amazing all the same. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is without any complications!

By the way, we live in Edwardsville, Illinois. (a little outside of the town though, it's a little more country-ish by a lake) It's about 30 minutes outside of St. Louis, MO.

Holly Petty said...

I totally agree. What an adventure! I am so excited for you two! We will have to get together soon, especially before we move in June/July. I am pretty sick when I don't take medicine...but luckily I can function normally as long as I take it so I feel pretty lucky. It sounds like you had it pretty rough. I have a sister like that...it is no fun. Way to hang in there. You look adorable!

Nick & Lindsey said...

wowzers! makes me a little freaked for my baby future! Love you Chrissy missy! I tried to get work off for your shower tomorrow but an event came up that I have to cater. I already have your present so I will have to drop it off. Will you message me your address either text or facebook and I will drop it off in the next week. Hope it is fab!