Sunday, March 7

{Snow Shoeing}

This last weekend, Lance and I and 3 other couples headed up to Joe's cabin for a little snowshoeing and campout adventure. We had such a blast! It was about a half a mile hike in, then we roasted hot dogs, played games, and laughed ourselves silly (as we always do). 

It was so beautiful up there with all the snow! 

Just before heading to the cabin.

The happy couple: Bryan & Erin. LOVE these two :)

Camille & Joe; the gracious hosts.

Andrew and Sutton; she was a little sleepy when we were playing "Bang".

Roasting hot dogs

Aw! I love my baby.

The only heat in the entire cabin was one wood burning stove. It stayed surprisingly warm but poor Sutton was FREEZING cold. Hence the layers and layers of blankets :) We pulled all the mattresses into the main room and all slept side-by-side with our heads to the fire. So nice and cozy... although, no one got much sleep. Definitely worth it though :)

My prego belly at 25 weeks. You can see I'm gaining back weight; today, I officially broke my weight barrier. Kind of odd to weigh 90 pounds last month and now weigh more than I ever have in my entire life! An almost 20 pound swing. I am so thankful to be feeling well and giving this baby (and my body) the things it needs. I have never been so happy about gaining weight :)

Saturday night we went to the BYU Lacrosse game with Andrew & Sutton which was also a blast. 
What a fun weekend! Time for another adventure!


Boy and Girl said...

You are the cutest pregnant person!!! I hope I stay as tiny as you all over and have a cute bump! So excited for you!

Our Story said...

love the pictures!!!! you're so cute by the way.

Shannon said...

Okay you that has to be the cutest baby bump ever! Seriously Chrissy you look so dang cute!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better.. that sounded horrible what you went through in the beginning. Can't wait to see you Friday!

Tori said...

O' how I wish that Mitch and I could be doing this kind of stuff! They have put me on limited bed rest. I go to work and do the stuff that I have to but that is it!. You look very cute.